Cottage Style Party & A Huge Score...Update!

A month or so ago I bought this:

I wrote about my huge score here.

Being literally huge, I had a hard time finding enough wall space for it.
I thought I might just sell it at the antique show the next weekend but it was rained out.

So it sat leaning against a wall where those jack-o-lantern eyes could follow me every time I walked past it.

Boring holes into me,
hinting that I made a huge mistake
buying the chalkboard.

After tripping over it a couple dozen times a day, I finally found a space for it!


In the kitchen!

I found these retro stools at my favorite Goodwill but couldn't find a table for them.
So they sat there with the chalkboard.

Until I had a brain storm!
(during an actual storm!)

I hung the chalkboard, moved the stools in front of it, then wheeled my rolling cart in front of it as a table.

I added some push-on lights under the cabinet to brighten the space.

The rolling cart is the perfect height for the stools.

I set the table for two.

Even better with the under cabinet lights and candle light!

I love it!

Have you ever bought something you needed to percolate on awhile until you found a space for it?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


A big thank you to last weeks guest host Pernilla!

I just loved her blue collections and rustic touches.
Her cottage was so warm and inviting.

And it's so nice to see a more than just a snippet of someone else's cottage!

If you would like to host a week of the Cottage Style party, don't be shy!

Sparkle season is coming up and I would love to see your holiday decorations!

Speaking of holidays...Thanksgiving is next week and this adorable Gobble banner would be perfect strung on a dining room wall or fireplace mantle!

This is just a small taste of the wonderful banners on Heather's blog Heather's Wannabe Homestead! Drop in see meet Heather and get idea's for your own turkey day decor!

It's so easy to skip over Thanksgiving decorating and jump right in to Christmas. But this Peek A Boo Turkey is too cute to pass up!

This turkey is easy enough for a child to make with a little bit of help! I could see tucking these into the table display, putting one on the frig, on your front door, then give them to the kids after dinner. Stop in to Noreen's blog Crafty Journal for this and other fabulous projects!

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a burlap pumpkin! Pumpkins are perfect to carry over to your turkey day decor.

This burlap pumpkin is surrounded by leaves, acorns and some of Diane's favorite things. To see more of her piano top display, visit her blog An Extraordinary Day.

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  1. Awwww...Deb....you just made my day!! Thanks for saying the nicest things about my piano display. That is just the loveliest blessing! [hugs]

  2. Just sat down to take a break and cruise Blogland. What was I doing? My husband and I were hanging an identical chalkboard in my newly redecorated (read cleaned!) craft room. I'll post it soon and bring it over for a visit. Love the way you incorporated yours into a romantic nook.

  3. Love the chalkboard - and yes - I have purchased something that took a while before I knew where it would live - I do appreciate you hosting,

  4. Sometimes the best buys need a little inspiration (or storm in your case) to bring out it's full potential! Thanks for hosting - have a great week!

  5. I love your chlakboard score; your corner set up looks like a country little school, so warm and cute! Thanks for hosting this fun party.

  6. So glad that you didn't sell it Deb. It's makes the perfect little spot for a snack or meal for two! I can also see kiddies sitting there and sketching. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Deb,
    OMG!! What a fantastic find!! Thanks so much for the party!!


  8. Thank you SO much for featuring my Peek a Boo Turkey! And thanks for hosting each week. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Crafty Journal

  9. I just love your chalkboard Deb! It looks great in your kitchen with those added lights.Thank you for hosting.

  10. Thanks again, Debi :) It was so much fun last week! I haven't linked up this week... nothing to share but thunderstorms and hailstones :) ~Pernilla

  11. You have found the perfect place for your chalkboard. It looks great there and really pretty with the lights on.

  12. Hi Deb! Love your brainstorm! It looks great in the kitchen with the rolling island! Thanks so much for hosting the party in such a busy season!
    Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

    Jeannie and Linda at The French Hens Nest


Thank you!