Cottage Style Party & Autumn Mantle

I freshened up my mantle for the first day of fall!

My usual mantle staples are still there: lamp, mirror, mercury glass, door way print.

Plus a few things I rotate around my home like the hurricane candle holder, letter A and the fruits for Etsy photos.

I added several old books with faded green covers with a pumpkin and apples from my Etsy photo stash.

This photo is one I took on the Oregon coast on a rainy day.
That's a color photo, btw!

This day of the dead print was by an artist who worked for me years ago.
It's a limited addition linoleum print signed & numbered by the artist.

This will be up through Halloween for sure!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this week's

Cottage Style Party


Here it is the first day of fall.
The signs were every where, leaves falling and cooler temps, but I was in denial!

Where did summer go?

I wasn't ready to let go yet!
Here's hoping for a long warm fall so my mind can catch up to the calendar!

Let's party...

Well, Miss Jane, you had me with the words "Wine Party"!
And this wine party is fabulous!

This wine party is being held in a wine cellar with decorations made with wine corks: a utensil box and wreath on the door! Visit Miss Jane at her blog to see all the details to throw your own wine party!

This is the prettiest setting for a little autumn tea party.
I love the scented candles, mismatched tea cups with saucers and that yummy looking cake!

Stop by Sherry's blog The Charm of Home to get the recipe.
I know I'll be making this Chunky Apple Walnut Cake with Caramel Glaze this weekend!

I love the attention to detail in Revi's industrial gallery wall!
And those old books on the cabinet are so fabulous!

This is just not another pretty display! This is a working display as Revi's mail slot drops her mail into the old drawer on top of the cabinet…look close! For all the details, drop by Revi's blog Revisionary Life.

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  1. A cool and crisp night - the first of the season here in Carolina. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Hi Deb, and thanks for featuring my industrial vignette! Your mantel looks great - with the art print and vintage goodness. Thanks for hosting the party. :)

  3. Hi Deb, Lovely features & your mantel is charming! Thanks for hosting! Blessings, Cecilia

  4. I love the photo you took and added to your mantel. Such a good idea!

  5. hello Deb, I just linked up, nice to meet you. I'm Leslie from Gwen Moss.

  6. Thanks for hosting, Deb. Love the features...wine party? Ok! Walnut apple cake? yummy! And the industrial gallery wall is so cool!
    Your mantel looks great. I love the photo you took! Wow!

  7. I like the cake, I will try that one!
    Thanks for hosting.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I love the flip-top style wooden wine box in the wine party picture! The plates fit beautifully in there, and the charming look of the box accents the table display beautifully.

    If your looking for original wooden wine boxes or crates for your own wine party or table decorations visit Winepine - www.winepine.com

  9. Hi guys,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
    To have wooden garden decorations is amazing and i have to tell you I was so so happy cause everything
    is awesome believe me!

  10. Superb Cottage Style Party! I liked each and every detail of this party. Thanks a lot for sharing it here. I too hosted a grand party on my husband’s birthday at one of his favorite party venues in NYC. Everyone had a rocking time over there.

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