Cottage Style Party & Guest Host!

When I started the

Cottage Style Party

I wanted to celebrate cottage style.

But not just my version of cottage style,
but other versions/visions too!

This week I am pleased to announce our guest blogger
for this weeks

Cottage Style Party!

Meet Pernilla from Australia!

Pernilla writes the blog Swedish Corner Down Under.

She brings her unique pov on cottage style
and what it means to her.

Plus she has lots of of fabulous photos of her cottage!

Take it away Pernilla.....

Wow, first of all I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to sweet Debi. I'm so honoured to be the 1st Guest Host for the Cottage Style Party. I've been a regular guest for ages and always enjoy linking up!

Welcome to My Swedish Corner Down Under!

My name is Pernilla and I originate from Sweden but I've lived in Australia for 12 years.  I've been blogging since 2009 and now it's like an addiction to me - so much fun decorating, taking photos, writing posts and sharing with the world. When you think of it, how amazing isn't it to be able to 'visit' someone else's home in another country!

I find it hard to label what kind of decorating style we have in our home - it's a mixture of Swedish decor, English Cottage style, farmhouse, Australian rustic and a bit of white mixed in.

I've always loved everything 'rustic'. When I was a little girl I fell in love with chippy paint and that feeling has stayed with me over the years. There is nothing more beautiful than patina! 


Trying to keep our entrance tidy, but kids' clothes and shoes sometimes take over. Not easy to keep a clean home when you have two kids - we have a son who is seven and a daughter who is four. 

My Aussie hubby loves corrugated iron so we've added a few pieces around the house.

 I love bringing the outdoor in when I decorate. It's fun to go out collecting pine cones with the kids too.

Brass candle holders from my native Sweden on top of my favourite piece of shabby furniture.
Love, love, love the patina one this oneBlack heart (cards)


  Pine cones in a bowl and an ocean of candles - simple and beautiful.

I have a huge love for blue and white transferware. My collection is ever growing. I do think we have enough now, but if the right piece comes along, there is always room... Smiling face (black and white)

The transferware is a mixture of antiques and reproductions. The hutch is another favourite piece of furniture in our home. We bought it at an antique store here in Brisbane, Australia - before we knew if it was going to fit the space or not... - Somehow I knew! The hutch originates from Ireland and has the most amazing golden colour.


Metal and wood goes very well together. Pine cones and cake moulds - simple and rustic.
I like keeping collections together or the space will look cluttered.


 Cake stand with Swedish cookie moulds. Pine cones everywhere...Smiling face (black and white)


A mix of metal and wood. Antique cutlery casually displayed in a small metal bucket.
Things I love in full view at all timesBlack heart (cards)


Another big love of mine is enamelware - especially light blue! 

Love the different shades of blue in my collection. These pieces are my treasures and originate from Denmark, Finland, America and England. I'm always on the lookout for more... 

Hope you enjoyed my little tour among my favourite things. Hope you stop by 

Thank you for linking up to Cottage Style Party. I look forward seeing all your posts!

Until next time,
Take careBlack heart (cards) ...and see you all in blog land!


Thank you Pernilla!

I love your hybrid cottage style!


It was so nice to see someone else's cottage style!

If you would like to host a 

Cottage Style Party

please let me know!

This is everyone's party!

You can define your version of cottage style
as a guest host!

So let's see your version of cottage style!

PS - the holidays, i.e. the sparkle season, is coming...

Just sayin'!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


It was so great seeing Pernilla's cottage above!

I loved her blue enamelware and transfer ware!

And her touches of tin and pinecones 
were so warm and rustic!

I've been busy putting my garden to rest
and planting spring bulbs.
My lawn furniture, fountain and flower pots
are put away til spring.
I still need to put my tomato cages away
and borrow a chain saw to cut back the 
runaway growth in the wild part of my yard.

Girl with chain saw...grooowwwwllll!

What are you up to?

I never thought of using owls for fall decorating but these owls are so adorable!
They are perfect with the pumpkins and I love the wire cloche and grasses!

For more unique fall decorating ideas, stop by Brittany Ruth's blog The Rococo Roamer!

Who misses the bird with this cute birdcage?
I love the rustic cage, the boxwood, the zinc pots and the demijohn...fabulous!

I just love how Susan shops her home for displays!
Drop into her blog Must Love Junk to see the rest of her charming displays.

I am a sucker for a fabulous find and this green transfer pitcher is fabulous!
I love how the design travels over the lip and down inside...so fab!

For more fabulous finds, go over to Audrey's blog Timeless Treasures
And don't miss the transfer ware with small birds on it!

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  1. Hi Deb ... Oh my, I did not know you featured my Fabulous finds and my beautiful green transferware pitcher.
    Thanks so very much. I always enjoy your party ... thanks for hosting. I will proudly grab the feature button and post it on my blog.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  2. Hello sweet lady!
    Thank you for the cool party. Very pretty features too. Everything you shared is lovely and I also love enamelware! Hugs,

  3. Good evening, Deb. Thank you for hosting! For some reason my computer didn't want to download the pictures of Pernilla's home, so I will have to come back tomorrow to see them! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Yay! Thanks so much for featuring my post on What I Love About Fall! So excited!

  5. Deb, beautiful features - love that pitcher and thank you for featuring Pernilla - I follow her blog and get many ideas from her. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. Beautiful post Deb! Pernilla should be so proud. Thank you for hosting.


Thank you!