Cottage Style Linky Party #20

When I was a kid, my parents would take 

my brothers and me 

"to see the lights".

That's what we called 

"driving around looking for homes with spectacular holiday light displays".

Do people still do that?

Maybe with the price of gas they don't go out to look at lights any more.

Do you?

I appreciate the homeowners who take the time to put up a display

and spend extra cash on the electric to power these displays.

Think of the time it takes to put up this display....

I love it!

These are a few of the festive homes in my neighborhood 

putting on the holiday sparkle!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Linky Party #20!

I'm still celebrating the sparkle season and 

so are you!

I just love Sandi's holiday mantel below. 

No Christmas red in this display and yet its so pretty and fresh for the holidays!

Stop by Sandi's blog Rose Chintz Cottage to see more of her holiday sparkle!

How cute is this mantle decorated with a lemon leaf wreath on Deb's mantle?

Who knew you could make a wreath with lemon leaves?

So cute!

I love her themed holiday decor which you can 

see more of on her blog Vintage on A Dime!

I just adore these mercury glass Christmas trees on Susan's blog Must Love Junk!

Her blog is filled with wonderful photos of the 

holiday open house at her shop Home Sweet Home!

Thanks for stopping by!

 Please visit these wonderful bloggers and their beautiful blogs 
to see what they are up to:


  1. I used to love driving around to see the lights with my family when I was a kid. ♥

  2. Hi Debi,
    My parents always took us around to see the lights. It was a tradition that we carried on with own own kids. Hubby and I still enjoy doing that. I am honoured to have you feature my Christmas mantel. Thank you so much! Sometimes I wonder what other folks think about my pink decor but I am discovering that a lot of people out there in blogland like it too. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week.


  3. Thanks for the feature!!!! Yes.....family tradition to ride around in car.....music playing checkin out the lights!!!! Join me at Welcome Home Wednesday....Thanks Deb:)

  4. Hi Judith,
    Oh yes we would go "see the lights" growing up. Our parents would even drive to Salt Lake (45 minutes away back then) for us to see the fancy houses in the avenues. I still love going to see the lights. Sometimes with a grandchild or two and sometimes just hubby and I. Thanks for the party. Really enjoyed the features!

  5. I still love driving around looking at lights! :) Good memories! Thank you for featuring me, and for hosting this great party!

  6. When I was a little girl we always took drives to see the pretty Christmas lights...and, we still do. I'll never quit being a kid when it comes to Christmas!
    Thank you so much for hosting this week, my friend.

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