Cottage Style Party & Birdbaths in the Garden

I love watching the birds drinking and bathing in my birdbaths!

I have lots of birdbaths in my garden.


Some, like this one above, are on stands and I can see from any where in my garden.

This one rests on the ground and is a favorite bathing spot for the robins.

This is the latest one I bought because I love the little birds resting on it!

This one has a solar fountain in it for a nice splashing sound (when the sun is out).
The robins like to leave worms in here when they stop in for a drink.


This tiny one is popular with chickadees and wrens. 
They hide in the flowers below and sneak in for a quick sip.

This one is close to the bird feeders and is always low in water and needs cleaning.
The fat squirrels like to jump on the rim which tips it over on to the ground.

I have bad squirrels.

To keep your birdbath water clean, put a drop or two of vinegar in the water.


Do you have birdbaths in your cottage garden?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


How's everyone doing this week?

Let's just jump right in and find out…

I just love lilacs and my supply this year was very tiny due to the severe pruning of my neighbors lilac bush last year.

Thankfully I can enjoy these beauties! Trisha's quest to find lilacs was answered and we can all enjoy them! 
Drop by Trisha's blog American Honey Home to see hers.
Mmmm…smells so sweet!

This is just a hint of how cute this vintage tablecloth was before it was saved.

This was Katie's Moms old tablecloth that was well used and loved. It had a few issues and recycled into an adorable table runner! Stop by Katie's blog Katie's Farm to see the finished product.

Reading Laurie's post about the first antique market of the year caught my eye as I just attended one myself this past weekend.
While I was there to sell, Laurie scored some excellent finds at hers!

How pretty is this pink and cream floral quilt? It's just one of Laurie's many wonderful finds!
(Yes, I am jealous…)
Go visit her blog Heaven's Walk to see all of her fab finds!

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  1. Thank you for hosting! I love your birdbaths! You have a lot of pretty ones!

  2. What lovely birdbaths - the squirrels turn ours over! I keep a shallow one with rocks in it for the butterflies. Thanks for hosting.

  3. I love your birth baths, especially the blue and white one. Thank you, for hosting. xoxo

  4. I love the fact that you have so many birdbaths, Deb! It must be so much fun watching all the birds splashing around all over your yard! We have two and have seen not only squirrels drinking from them, but deer and turkeys too! Thank you so much for including my flea market adventure with your features this week! You made my day so special! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. Deb,
    Love your birdbaths!! I have one in the front and one on the back and i can see the one in the back yard from where my computer is and watch the birds....

    Thanks for the party...


  6. Oh - I love all of your birdbaths! My favorite is your newest one. It looks antique, or at least nearly antique, with the bits of rust showing through. Just gorgeous! I don't have a birdbath right now, but I plan to someday get one and it was lovely to see yours! Thanks for hosting the blog hopping party.

  7. Hi Deb, you have some lovely birdbaths. Love your newest one and the blue lined one lying on the ground! I just realized that I have 5. One I just use for display and I haven't pulled it out yet. I'm thinking of turning an old one that I got at a yard sale into a fairy garden. The other three are always in my garden. Thanks for hosting. Been busy and haven't had much time to party lately.

  8. I love your bird baths! I feel like I need one in my garden now!

  9. Well I have one birdbath and IT gets tipped over by the squirrels alot too! What a beautiful collection you have!

    1. Yep, the squirrels tip mine over too and no one gets water…doh!

  10. Thank you so much for featuring my lilacs! They are too pretty not to share!


  11. Amazing birdbaths and great features - I appreciate you hosting,

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  13. What a gorgeous yard and wonderful birdbaths! Thanks so much for hosting :)

  14. I love all your birdbaths! We have two right now in our yard, but I'd love more!

  15. Lovely birdbaths and features. Linking up for the first time and thanks for hosting!

  16. I love all your birdbaths and think its great how you have different levels for the birds - Thank you for joining in the garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage! Can't wait to see you again this Thursday! xoxo, tracie

  17. Hi Deb,

    I just adore all the bird baths they are so lovely! Thank you for hosting and I have joined with my little chipmunk friend. Have a wonderful week.

  18. I love all of your sweet birdbaths. I have one mini birdbath, but clearly I need to find some more.

  19. Gorgeous birdbaths! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


Thank you!