Cottage Style Party & A Busy Outdoors Weekend

It was a busy weekend at my cottage.

My Come-n-Git-It yard sale was Saturday morning.

I sold a ton of stuff and at noon I hauled the leftovers to the Goodwill.

One photo of it after I sold quite a bit:

The signs read: "$1 each, buy 5, get 1 free".

Most people can not resist getting that free item and I can't resist getting rid of all my junk!

While standing on my front porch I noticed this robin's nest under the neighbors eves:

There are at least two hungry mouths in that nest.

We spent the afternoon lazing around the backyard.

Well, someone was busy:

Note those yellow tulips as I will mention those again later.

Oh, look, someone woke up!

The tulips in my garden are spectacular this year!

This is what the yellow and red ones looked like when they first opened.

This is what they looked like fully open…so cheery!

I love these red and white tulips in front of the fence.

This is what they looked like when they first opened: red and yellow!

These tulips opened up as creamy white but presto-chango'd to pale yellow which glows in the sun!

These purple tulips were a surprise I don't remember planting…nice!

These are the yellow tulips by the kitty above - more presto-chango - and glowing against the barberry!

Here is what they look like in the shadows - orange!

I can't believe all the color changing tulips I planted last fall.
Such a nice surprise this spring!

Sunday was planting day and I planted lavender impatiens on my steps to no where this year.

Last year I planted white impatiens, remember?

Also planted my window boxes with hot pink.

It's tomato and pepper time in my raised bed garden:

The lettuce, radishes and peas have been in for a couple of weeks.

I also planted some lily bulbs, a climbing rose, a tiny hydrangea, delphiniums and astilbe.


I'm exhausted just thinking about last weekend!

And this weekend is the first antique show of the season - another busy weekend on tap.

Did anyone plant this weekend?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


How are you?

I've been busy as you can tell from the above. 

But I find time everyday to walk around the neighborhood enjoying the sights and smells of spring.

I just want to soak in every bit of it!

Are you soaking up spring..or what you are up to?

Let's find out!

Penny's cottage is decorated to the hilt with lilacs!
I am a sucker for lilacs!

Just look at how pretty this living room is! I love all the details: the pink lilacs, pink tea set, ruffles above the mirror, the mirror which Penny distressed herself!
Stop by Penny's blog Penny's Vintage Home to see all the details!

I just adore these chicken wire cloches! So cute!
I love the pitcher and dishes under them.

Drop by Audrey's blog Timeless Treasures to see all of her lovely and creative cloches including some she made! Perhaps you could answer her question: "When is a cloche not a cloche?".

This gorgeous Farrow & Ball kitchen paint color is so pretty!
It's called Pavilion Blue and picks up greens and blues depending on the time of day.

Magali chose a pretty seaglass paint color for her kitchen which is perfect for her Little White House on the Seaside. Go visit her blog to see how pretty this color is from morning to evening and don't miss her fabulous marble top table in her kitchen!

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  1. Deb, your yard is looking beautiful! I need to have a yard sale! great idea!

    1. Spring cleaning and yard sale rolled in to one big purge. Ahhhh…it felt good!

  2. We have had high temps. in the 40's here so no thoughts of planting here for quite awhile....

    Thanks for the party!!


  3. Your garden is looking lovely with all those beautiful flowers blooming! Thank you for hosting and having me.
    Nice features too.

  4. Beautiful flowers! xoxo Thank you for hosting.

  5. Ohhhh...and you've been busy too! Looks like the sale was a success too!


  6. How beautiful is your yard! Thank you for sharing all the blooms. I love your steps you use for pots. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Great weather for your sale! No planting here yet. Your gardens are beautiful!

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my kitchen painted walls even though the kitchen is far from finished. Your tulips are absolutely amazing. I didn't have much time for gardening lately, but I did create an herb bed that I love.

    1. So glad you found a gorgeous paint color, Magali. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

  9. Oh my ... your tulips are amazing. The wild deer around here would have a feast if I had those in our yard.
    Glad your sale was a success. Always love your party ... thank for hosting and so honored that you included my cloches in your favorites.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

    1. Plant daffodils and allium in with your tulips to distract the deer from them!

  10. Seems like you have better luck than I do with garage sales. Glad yours was a success. Thanks for hosting!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Hello Deb! Awesome features this week - love the sweet bird's nest - I'm watching a Mocking bird's nest - love it! I do appreciate you hosting,

  12. Many thanks for hosting today and bravo to you for such a gorgeous garden!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  13. Thank you so much for hosting. I'm a little late... sorry.
    I hope you have a great weekend~

  14. I say the tulips are spectacular. What a glorious treat! Thanks for sharing and for hosting.


Thank you!