Cottage Style Party & Holiday Lights

After saying last week I would not "have the time to do complicated decorations or figure out wacky electric cord connections", I went ahead with "some wacky electric cord connections" to do this...

...to my front porch.
(I took this photo early this morning as we just had another snow and thought it might be pretty to capture that!)

This was a 3 day process that started with some lights that worked when tested but only partially worked when I hung them. 
I thought about this all day at work and stopped at Big Lots on the way home to pick up these...

I liked them but thought they were a bit understated for the holidays.
Where did my "simple" decorations go in the last week?

I wanted something more welcoming that leads to the front door. Since I already had these jumbo red lights I went with those around the door.
Since I have 2 front doors (old house!) its important to direct the solicitors to the correct door.

Can't mistake which door is the front door now!

The whole porch is glowing!

I hung a wreath on the front door.

Instead of a bow I hung a red glass mosaic ornament.

I put a little daylight interest on my porch and tucked greens and snow into my planters.

Also I tucked in a red mosaic ornament.

This one was too small to fit the ornament inside so I hung it from the rim of the pot.

I hung sleigh bells from the door handle to jingle every time it is opened.

I didn't want to neglect the other front door so added a wreath and a sign.

My potted pansies are suffering in the cold and had a tiny icicle hanging from the pot!

Holiday porch...done!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


How is every ones holiday decorating going?

I tackled the outside last weekend. As you read above it was a 3 day project. Thankfully, done!

This weekend I'll be putting up my tree and baking some cookies. I'm hoping my tree buying is slightly less adventurous this year than last years!

Of course I will report on this at next weeks party.

Let's get started shall we...

I just love Susan's red and white decorated kitchen!

And wait until you see the rest of her holiday themed kitchen!
Don't miss her mercury glass Christmas trees in her kitchen at her blog Must Love Junk.

How cute is this toy truck full of ornaments?
And I love that red bottle brush wreath!

I love the festive use of non-holiday items! Stop into Jann's blog Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson's to see more her wonderful holiday decorations!

This is such a beautiful festive table! I love the little touches  of crystals, greenery and soft gold color.

Drop by Linda's blog Beautiful Ideas to see more of this lovely festive table and stick around to see more of her beautiful ideas!

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  1. What a glow - totally awesome! The porch looks so christmassy! Thanks for the party, Debi :)
    Summer greetings and Holiday hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  2. Everything looks great...
    Thanks for hosting.

  3. Oh Deb - you are just so wacky! Haha! Your front porch looks so festive and colorful - I'm glad you decided to just dive in and go it! Thanks for hosting this fun party - kinda like you! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. I love how you added greens and *snow* to your pots. ;)
    And your pine cone wreath is gorgeous!
    Glad you had so much fun making your porch festive.

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my kitchen! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season :)

  6. Pretty snowed up scenes, I love them! Cute features. Thank you for hosting another fun party.

  7. Love your pics! We got snow too:) Two snow days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Your front porch really looks magical when it's lit up!

  9. Hi Deb!
    Everything looks so peaceful in the snow, lovely.
    Well, what a surprise to see my festive table featured! Thank you so much. :-)
    Thanks for hosting a FUN party, especially at such a busy time of year!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  10. It looks great! Wonderful features - I appreciate you hosting,

  11. Your front porch looks like a Christmas card! I am loving the links this week. Thank you for hosting. I will be dreaming of snow!

  12. Thanks for sharing at my party...your outdoor décor is very pretty and it looks so festive with all that snow.


  13. Merry Christmas Deb!
    The Lavender Garden looks so festive. Great job. I am so glad I found your party.
    Hope you stop by my blog tomorrow for Rednesday Wednesday


Thank you!