Cutting Down the Christmas Tree

I decided I wanted to get a fresh Christmas tree this year.

As in cut it down myself fresh.

So I grabbed a Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte (yum!),

put some holiday tunes on the radio

and drove north to a tree farm.

Come along for the adventure...

It was a dreary rainy chilly day.

The house below was featured in Country Living magazine about 10 years ago.

And, no, I've never been to nor seen the "antiques" store open here.

I love this old barn with the MAILPOUCH advertising on the side!

Why yes, that is my solar hula girl I found at the World's Longest Yard Sale!

She entertains me while driving (though not today with the gray skies)

This street is lined with gorgeous old homes.

I just love this one!

This look promising...

This does not...

Suddenly the view looks very promising!

This is the shop where you pay for your tree, 

browse their wreaths and swags 

and get free hot chocolate and popcorn.

So I hopped in the hay wagon behind the dump truck to find a tree.

They have a few trees to choose from.

I should be able to find the right tree here.

Too many tops on this one.

A Charlie Brown tree!

And his cousins, future Christmas trees!

This one is more like a Christmas bush!

This one comes already decorated!


Whoa...watch for the giant holes that may have tripped/trapped me 

causing me to fall in the mud..or not.

And here it is! 

My perfect tree!

Not too tall or too wide or too may tops!

I will spare you the photos of me lying in the mud 

using a dull saw trying to cut it down 

only to be rescued by the dump truck driver 

with a sharp saw 

using a couple of swipes to bring it down...yeesh...

This farm has live reindeer. 

This one, named Mistletoe, was enjoying a pumpkin 

and had no time for me.

The other reindeer had already shed their racks 

which some how ended up in the sleigh.

I loaded my tree into the back of my truck, 

grabbed a hot chocolate for the road and drove home.

The finished product decorated!

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  1. It looked like such a fun day picking out your Christmas tree! That would have been my favorite one too - just right and so beautifully decorated.

  2. Mission accomplished! What a great adventure and what a beautiful Christmas tree!
    I loved seeing the before and after!
    Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  3. Great pictures! I love the old houses & the Charlie Brown tree!

  4. Wow! enjoy the tree adventure with you ~ Great photos and you certainly go a 'perfect' tree ~ Beautiful!

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  5. I haven't done that in years! Thanks for the memories. You got the perfect one.

  6. Our family never cut down our own Christmas tree. I really enjoyed the cyber trip behind the hay and seeing all the NO trees and finally the tree you picked. You are quite a good writer. Merry Christmas.
    Joyce M

  7. What a wonderful adventure. We did this a few times as the kids grew up. They loved the hunt. I love watching them pick just the right tree.


Thank you!