Cottage Style Party & A Trip to the Flea Market

On my stay-cation last week it wasn't all work 
and Dr's appointments.

I went to the flea market!


Come with me as I visit my favorite flea...

Around 7 am before the sun came up. It's not so early that I need a flashlight to see stuff which is nice. Note the darker cloud area along the horizon, its a lingering fog bank above the river.

Look at all that great junk! How did I not buy it all?

Groaning tables full of good stuff!
I love that pottery bowl...why did it not come home with me?

The tables on the right are the "everything on the tables a quarter" guy's booth. He's there every week and his booth is usually packed with customers. Most of it is dirty, broken crap but some times I find a nice, cheap gem. He's a nice guy who some times does the antique show I do.

Chair, camp stove, quilt on a stick, anyone?

Too much WWE this early in the morning...

It's still early at the pumpkin patch so the pickings were a little slim. I still managed to pick up 2 pumpkins and the world's largest butternut squash.

One of the Amish booths, huge and professional!

Besides produce, the Amish booth sold cockscomb and bunnies.
I bought 2 of the flowers and 0 bunnies.

More flea bunnies and other small farm animals from a farmers trailer.

Farm chicks!

Can you hear the roosters?

There's an auction at noon. I've never bid on anything as I am usually home by 9 am and just don't want to wait around. I also don't want to leave a bid and have to drive back to pick up my $3 chair.

Though I was tempted to bid on everything from this dresser to the lovelies on top!
But I spent all my money on other stuff...

This was my 2nd trip back to my truck!
You can see why I had no funds left for the auction.

What did I buy besides some mums, cockscomb and pumpkins?

3 fabulous school lockers! The vendor said he had 600 more of these in storage.
I must think of more uses for these...

6 gorgeous teal blue wine glasses!
I'm not sure what this pattern is, anyone?
It's similar to Fostoria's Virginia, but not quite it.
I love the color and can picture them for fall, winter, spring, and, well summer!

A black metal cash or spice box by Kreamer.
Look at that chipped paint!

One of many anthropomorphic chalk ware pieces I found!

A retro ice cruncher for a retro bar!

A pressed glass cake stand.
Another item I need to identify the pattern...

A green depression glass powder jar.

And its pink depression glass friend!

A tiny McCoy basket weave flower pot.

A demitasse set with 24 kt trim.

And a ton of vases including this creamy white one 
(with half price roses!)

I always have so much fun at the flea!

Do you have a favorite flea market?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


You just saw a smidgen of what I did in the last week.

What have you been up to?

Let's see, shall we?

I almost had a panic attack when I read the title of Donna's entry:
"Southern Snow"
Snow is not a 4 letter word I care to here yet.

But after reading her blog post on Distressed Donna Down Home I am
 okay with this "snow"!
Drop into her blog to see what all the fuss is about!

It's been awhile since I featured some one's kitty.
Here is Magali's kitty enjoying a shady spot in her garden.

Lest you think it is all rest in her Brittany home,
she has been busy and can barely fit in tea in the garden.
Oh, and a flea market at the beach!
Hop on over to her blog to see what her beach life is like
at The Little White House on the Seaside!

It's not too early for Halloween displays like this skull.
But this is no Halloween display!
It is from a bone church in Italy.

That's right!
You must stop over at Brittany's blog The Rococo Roamer to see the photos
of this stunning church!
It's not scary, but elegant.
Yes, that is right...see it for yourself!

If you were featured, don't
forget your button!


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  1. Looks like a fabulous day at the flea! I especially love those locker baskets! Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Hi Deb, What a fun flea! That cockscomb is so large and pretty. Love the lockers and the black box! Thanks for hosting and sharing with SYC.

  3. Thanks so much for the Southern Snow feature. I am envious of those locker baskets and the money box. We have the Springfield market with a mix of farm, antiques, vintage, and trash!

  4. What fun to spend a whole day at a flea market my friend! Hope you got some treasures there! Thank you for hosting yet, another great party. Hugs,

  5. Looks like so much fun and I think I could get myself into lots of trouble! Thanks for hosting!


  6. Wow - how did you resist all the other things? Well, I suppose we could do without chickens and bunnies - but the milk glass - the dishes - the fun. I love your glasses - and the pretty dishes for powder - now you have to get a big fluffy powder puff for each.

  7. I haven't been to a flea market in like forever! I think I would be in deep trouble if I had visited with you. Thanks for the tour!!
    Hope your week is extraordinary!

  8. Sigh....that looks like one fun flea market. I could see a number of items I would've bought! Liking your haul of goodies.

  9. Oh, my kitty, who's called Shadow, sends all his purring thank yous your way for featuring him... He's boasting in the neighbourhood and quite proud he was the one featured!
    I'm sorry to be so late, but I'm back to work (all to feed the kitties) and I'm struggling to adjust to the new schedule!

  10. Hmmmm...the photos of the flea market look strangely familiar...and when you said Amish Booths, I wondered if this by chance was Shipshewana, IN. I've been to that flea market several times. You could spend a whole day there and not get through it all! You found so many sweet finds, too! Thanks for sharing and hosting you linky party!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage (http://cairncottage.blogspot.com/)

  11. Deb, I love your vases and your cake plate and your pink and green depression glass powder jars and...everything you bought! This is my favorite kind of post to readQ I feel like I was with you.

    Thanks for another beautiful party!
    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

    Let's remember to pray for the families and friends of the Navy Yard victims.

  12. What an event - so many wonderful thrifty things - love your finds - the flowers are gorgeous and although cute, I'd have to pass on the bunnies too!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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