Cottage Style Party & Pinterest Dreaming

I am without plumbing.

Ok, that is a slight exaggeration as my sinks and shower are working.

But my toilet and washer have decided to quit.

Within days of each other.

I am almost peeing in the backyard.


(ok, not really...)

I am hoping to have both fixed some time this week.

That is, after I coordinate with my landlord's wife, my landlord, the plumber,

Home Depot delivery guys and my Dad.

My Dad will be the gate keeper who lets people in/out of my house

while keeping the kitties safe.

At least I hope he will keep them safe.

He does not always have the most sound judgement with the kitties.

He likes to sneak over while I'm at work and give them

a whole bag of treats which they barf up

right after he leaves.

That is how I know he came over while I was at work.


But back to my plumbing whining...

This would have been easier to deal with if I were still on stay-cation

or if I could answer my cell at work.

Until then, it is chaos...

and inconvenient.

And on top of all this chaos, I have

3 posts part of the way done and 2 that are still a twinkle.

None are complete.


It is times like these when I think of our pioneer women and what would they do?

Or even what would The Pioneer Woman do?

I think she would put on her big girl panties and quit whining!

She would come up with a plan despite the chaos!

And talk about Pinterest!

I love Pinterest!

If I have a few minutes to kill,

(or need to distract myself from plumbing issues...)

I spend them on Pinterest.

When I needed some ideas for this:


I used Pinterest.

There are so many great ideas on it!

Like this one:

My first thought was "So whimsical!"

Then I thought "Who could eat at that table?"

My next thought was "Who cares!"

I think that is the inherent beauty of Pinterest.

Who cares if it is practical or useful

as long as you can dream.

Who wouldn't want to live in this English cottage:

Or to have afternoon tea in this cottage garden:

It's easy to dream about strolling on this street in France:

Or imagine relaxing on this beach:

Or to have this view out the window of your Tuscan villa:

Or even to decorate your home seasonally:

And, while I can spend a little time dreaming on Pinterest everyday,

today I am dreaming of one thing:

This is not my bathroom,

but a girl can dream....

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


How is your week going?

You've heard about mine


so how is yours?

The weather has cooled off here and

it really feels like fall.

Are you fall decorating yet?

Let's find out, shall we?

It looks like someone was busy decorating for fall!
How cute are these burlap & bejeweled pumpkins?

Susan at Must Love Junk has once again found the cutest things!
Drop in to her blog to read details of these pumpkins and see how she uses them!

I love this Miss Bat Lady treat basket!
She is just so creepy in a charming kind of way, no?

And these treat baskets make wonderful Halloween gifts.
Haunt Donna's blog Distressed Donna Down Home to see the details
and make your own Miss Bat Lady baskets!

This hall is so lovely with its subtle fall color pallet.
And that sheaf of wheat...fabulous!

Drop in to meet Silvia and see more of her beautiful
Italian home at her blog Shabby Soul.

If you were featured, don't
forget your button!


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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! Hope your plumbing gets fixed soon!! :)

  2. Oh plumbing problems - no fun - but Pinterest is a good way to escape for a bit. Love the images you chose. I have started a file in Pinterest that is just for me to see - of pins that I have actually done. I'm surprised at how many there are - but compared to what I haven't done - oh well, dream on.

  3. Very pretty features and images. Thank you so much for the invite to this great party, even though I'm not cottage style! Thank you very much.
    Big hugs,

  4. First, thank you for featuring Miss Bat Lady. I hope she provided you with some humor after the week you had. Second, plumbing problems are the absolute worse. I hope you have the proper facilities soon. Third, my husband is guilty of over-treating the pets. I hope you had no clean-ups on aisle 9. Fourth, I enjoyed the party. I hope you have a lovely rest of the week. And a long hot shower!

  5. Sorry to hear of your plumbing problems , we are having to get one out to my home before the leak gets worse, a mess for sure.
    Pinterest is contagious. I have to get some of my pins cleaned up, no way can I have so many inspirations and be able to get ideas from just a few.
    thank you for the invite to the party

  6. I love that you found a photo on Pinterest with both of your malfunctioning objects. Very cute! I'm so sorry that you're having the issues...hopefully it gets resolved without too much stress. Your dad must be a dear, too! Oh...and YES! I would love to live in that English cottage. Providing the plumbing works and it has heat. [wink]

  7. So sorry to hear about your plumbing problems, Debi! Love Pinterest... easy to get stuck for hours lol. Thanks for hosting each week :) Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  8. Ugh! plumbing problems are the worst! Here's to hoping your landlord is fast, the parts you need are in stock, and your dad stays around long enough to pick up the puke! Thanks for hosting - have a great week!

  9. Hello Deb, sorry to hear about the plumbing problems - when we bought our house, the sewer lines were broken - they had to be rerouted - not a pretty problem at all - hope yours is resolved quickly! Love your Pinterest inspiration - there's a lot of beauty and great ideas out there! I appreciate you hosting - have a great week,

  10. What a week you've had! Mine has been very busy, with a stupid staff meeting yesterday evening that got all my schedule off! I'm behind with everything, including visiting your party! I love the paper snowflakes over that table and I'm keeping the idea in a small place in my brain for Christmas!

  11. I do recognize the tea table one - that's mine - My Tea In The Garden Series!

    Very fun postings!

  12. Oooohhhhhhh! Love that English cottage photo! Thanks for sharing all these lovelies... Pam, apples of gold

  13. Love the photos you posted. Thank you so much for hosting.


Thank you!