Blooming This Week ~ Hydrangeas & Hollyhocks

Mid-June and my garden is full of flowers! 

Have a peek...

This hydrangea is so pretty and a nice welcome home by the front porch.

Pink coneflowers and daisies surround a barberry.

A lonely ruffled edge daylily.

A volunteer pink hollyhock blooms way out 
back in the "natural" part of my yard.

A black hollyhock blooms next to the fennel.

A volunteer sunflower blooms near the bird feeders.

Lovely lavender!

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  1. Love the lavender! I've killed my share over the years so very, very jealous. Great pics!

  2. Your Garden Looks Fabulous and doing very well! I love seeing how something can pop up where you do not expect it! I usually just leave it, too! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

  3. That's my favorite term. I say these are my "volunteers" when flowers show up in unexpected places! The hollyhocks look so great! I haven't tried them in years.
    Those pink hydrangeas are amazing! I bet the lavender smells amazing!

  4. Hi, I came over from Jann Olsens' attracted by your lavender picture, I just love lavender and your other flower pictures are lovely too. I think I might be your latest follower. Joan

  5. What lovely blooms in your garden. I love that dark hollyhock and the ruffled daylily is gorgeous. I have many Daylilies, but none that color.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  6. Beautiful flowers. Love all the color. I have lavender, Astilbe and Spiria.
    Love them all.


  7. Lovely assortment of flowers! So pretty! I love hollyhocks - never seen black ones. Stunning! I get "volunteers" near my birdfeeders too - sunflowers, corn, weird "I have no idea what you are" things LOL! Guess it all comes from the seeds that escape the birds' grasp. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden! Hugs, Leena

  8. Gorgeous blooms. You are just a bit earlier than my garden. My Coneflowers, Hollyhocks, and Sunflowers are just in bud ready to open any day. Can't wait! Your Hydrangea is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


Thank you!