Cottage Style Party & What I'm Pinning Now

I've been pinning up a storm lately!

I'm feeling open to suggestions.

The season changed, the weather is warmer and I'm looking for inspiration for projects I can do, or eat, or places to go, someday.

I'm always looking for cottage ideas!

Right now I am loving clean white kitchens with rustic and bling touches!

I love the crisp white wall cabinets with the rustic island, white subway tile, crystal chandelier and warm wood floors.

And then I saw this green kitchen!

I love the soft green beadboard drawers, the white open shelving above, the window seat (so perfect to sit while perusing a cookbook!) and the hint of harlequin floors!

And then I see this farm sink and all I can think of is 'how can I live without you?'

I love those curly brackets instead of curtains and the falling stars…so cute!

All that kitchen inspirations makes me think I could tackle this:

Maybe, some day, when the stars aline and I find all those wonderful components I'll know just what to do with them!

This is probably more my speed...

A bird cage with a plant tucked inside. 
Flea market season is here, it could happen!

I drooled over these peony tulips!

They are on my list for fall planting.

I wish this was my front gate, covered in roses!

Maybe some day…

With a front yard covered in flowers, no grass.

I bet these people feel so good when they come home to this!

Then I look for easy summer dishes to use the bounty 
(fingers crossed!) from my garden.

Like this delish Cucumber Tomato and Avocado Salad.

Or this bruschetta.

So easy and yummy!

While I love this Lemon-Ricotta Cheesecake...

I will never make it. 
But it sure looks good!

I love all these Some-ecards on Pinterest and couldn't resist pinning some.

Like this one…


If you hate spiders as much as I do...

Been there, done that, still find humor in it!

This is how I start everyday at work...


What have you been pinning lately?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


The boxes of yard sale stuff are piling up and I can't wait until it is over! It is consuming my life and I'm can't wait for this weekend.

The left-overs go to the Goodwill at noon on Saturday.
I'm an early yard sale seller and just don't have the patience to sit around all day for no sales.
My rule of thumb is most sales happen before noon, then haul it to the Goodwill so they can make some cash on the rest.

Anyone else planning a yard sale this spring?

Or been to a yard sale?

Let's see what you've been up to…

Looks like Donna found some rusted roofing tiles and made some birdhouses with them!

I love how charming and rustic these are! Stop by Donna's blog Distressed Donna Down Home to see more of her rusted tile collection…so fab!

I just love this whimsical woodland table inspired by Beatrice Potter! How cute is that birds nest and those moss balls?

Hop on over to Kathy's blog A Delightsome Life to see all the details of this table setting!

I love this spring inspired Easter mantle!
The best part is this is not a mantle and its not even spring in Australia!
Gotta love Pernilla's sense of humor!

I love her collection of brass candleholders from her native Sweden and those rustic pinecones tucked in amongst the spring colors! Drop by Pernilla's blog Swedish Corner-Down Under to see more of her "spring mantle"!
Love it girl!

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Cottage Style Party & Daffodils…finally!

And then, there were…


After waiting so patiently, ahem, for them, they are finally here!

I just can't get enough if them!

They were almost glowing on a sunny day this past weekend.

So pretty!

My neighbor across the street has another variety that I just couldn't resist.

I love the dainty flowers against the rugged stone wall.

Yes, those are hens and chicks tucked in-between the stones of the wall.


Despite the predictions for snow (again!) this week, in my mind it is spring.

Snow on the shrubs behind the daff's this morning…
the weather just needs to move on!

Anything blooming at your cottage?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


I spent my weekend spring cleaning and getting ready for my annual yard sale.
I'll be doing the same thing next weekend.
Yippee…not really...
It is exhausting digging and sorting, moving and cleaning everything!
But sitting in a clean living room afterwards was worth it!
The yard sale is the following weekend, rain or shine, it all has to go somewhere!
Just so long as it is not at my cottage.

Anyone else want to admit to spring cleaning?

It looks like Penny hit some yard sales. I love how she left those thrifty price stickers on her treasures!

Can you believe that forget-me-knot tea set was only $15? Stop by Penny's blog Penny's Vintage Home to see more of her yard sale finds!

Looks like Sherry threw an Easter tea party! How cute are those chick cookies?

The basket of treats and vintage crochet trim napkins are perfect for this tea. Hop on over to Sherry's blog The Charm of Home to see the details of her Easter tea and her yummy chocolate crosses!

Tracie's garden is so colorful and lovely already!
Her garden is full of delightful flowers: camellias, azaleas, hellebores and tulips.

And I really love how the sweet woodruff spills over onto her flagstone path…so pretty! Stop by Tracie's blog Fishtail Cottage to see her lovely garden and don't miss the Coral Bark Maple….whoa!

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