Cottage Style Party & An Antique Show

I sold at an antique show last weekend and decided to turn the camera towards other vendors items.

I love this old Hoosier cabinet painted pink and white!
It still has the flour sifter and that jadite bowl looks right at home.

I love this old chippy painted porch swing.
If I just had a porch to hang it on.

This child's toy cabinet has child size dishes too.

I'm not sure if this is a functional pulley or a pulley made into a table?

But I love this little guy on top!
Is it a meerkat?

This step-back chest of drawers is so beautiful!

This vendor also had lots of great primitive pieces.
Look at that huge basket!

This vendor cornered the market on crocks I think!

More crockery!

This vendor had a very pretty girly type of space (note the parasol!)
I love the blue of those painted pieces behind the framed prints.
I asked what color that was and she mentioned Martha Stewart paint.
Of course I don't remember the color any more!

I found all the quilts!

Croquet in a box anyone?

Never tire of seeing butter churns!

Someday I will own one of these old library cabinets!

How cute is this old wicker baby buggy!

Camping supplies anyone?

I haven't seen one of these old lawn jockeys in years!

I am equal parts intrigued and disturbed by this unique lamp.

Let's just hope that the guy who made this kept it in his man cave and did not force his wife to display it in the house….

Hope you had as much fun as I did!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this week's

Cottage Style Party


As you can tell I had a busy weekend at the antiques show.
I still have Rubbermaid containers of items in my living room.

Yep, it sure is glamorous being an antiques dealer!

So what did you do this last week?

Tracie did a quick update on her patio with some pretty pink daisies.
I love how breezy they look tucked into an old rustic pail!

Drop in to Tracie's blog  Fishtail Cottage to see the details of her patio vignette! And don't miss her weekly Garden Party.

Remember Jody's deck update from last spring? Here's part 2 of her porch right below it. Same blue & green color scheme but tweaked for fall!

Visit Jody's blog Southern Seazons to see the details of her porch and her deck above it.
Both in the same gorgeous blue & green colors!

If you are not in the fall spirit yet, you will be after you see all of Maria Elena's decorating!
These pumpkins are pure inspiration!

Hop on over to Maria Elena's blog Our Home Away From Home to see her last 3 years of fall decorating.
You will be inspired and amazed!

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  1. Thanks Deb for hosting! The antique show looks like it was fun...that lamp is crazy! And I love the pink daisies...they are so pretty.

  2. Deb, thanks for hosting and taking us to the antiques sale!

  3. Thank you for hosting.
    Have a lovely week.

  4. So many intersting things! My favourite is that beautiful dresser.

  5. Thank you for featuring my back porch. Have a great week!

  6. Looks like there were so many great treasures! Thanks for hosting!


  7. Oh boy I would go crazy in a sale like that. I saw at least two cupboards I want, and pottery and .....well anyway thank you for the invite to the party. I appreciate it

  8. Thanks for hosting. There is definitely some crazy items. Love the wicker pram.
    Greetings from South Africa

  9. Look the Hoosier just for being pink! But that lamp will give me nightmares. (Shudder) Thanks for hosting!


Thank you!