Cottage Style Party & The Big Purge

I knew I needed to purge some photos when I filled up my Cloud storage and they didn't all fit.
I procrastinated a few weeks, then this past weekend I settled in for "the big purge".

It's like preparing for a yard sale you don't want to have.

At first I wanted to keep them all. A little more searching and I found a few old photos I no longer needed.
Then I found a few redundant photos so the extras had to go.
Once I started purging it became a lot easier.

Old blog photos…gone!

Old before/afters…gone!

Old flower photos in multiples…gone!

Old Etsy photos…gone!

Old why-did-I-take-you mystery photos…gone!

The big purge got easier, a lot easier.
But I'm now left with the photos I love!

I love my flower garden photos. After purging many I am left with just my favorites.

I walked around my winter garden on Saturday when the sun came out, trying to imagine how pretty my flowers looked when I took those photos.

Looking at all the dead stuff out there made it seem so long ago. I am impatient for spring!

Until then, here's a few of my favorite photos...

Tulips in front of my free fence.

Allium just starting to open in front of fennel.


Hydrangeas…I have missed you!

Daisies and my garden bench.

The perfect pink rose.


Another beauty.

Cheerful daylilies.

Toad lilies in the fall.

All this lushness is just a memory right now.

But a new garden is just starting to emerge...

Come on…you can do it!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


As winter slowly winds down, my thoughts are on getting my indoor chore list done before outdoor chores kick in.

Some of my chores are more involved than others such as oiling my wood furniture and making the lamps I have been procrastinating on (forever!)
Or cleaning up my computer and getting rid of old photos on it
(check and done!)

Some are more seasonal and simple such as drink more hot tea (since it is still so cold out) and bake more in the oven (since it is still so cold in).

There's only a few weeks left of winter to procrastinate so I'd better get going and drink more hot tea!

And I love a good tea party...

I love a pretty tea cup and this violet decorated one is so pretty! And those yellow blooms are mimosa flowers…love them!

Drop in to the blog Miss Jane Home to join her for a lovely tea. Maybe she has an extra violet tea cup for you!

This is such a pretty tea service with a lovely pewter tea set and all the different tea cups. I love mix and match dishes!

And how yummy is that carrot cake? Stop in to Fabby's Living to see details of her tea and to get the recipe for her Delicious Carrot Cake!

How cute is this Beatrice Potter tea? I love those bunnies in the background! And that teapot is so pretty!

I love a little whimsy and this tea has it! Drop by Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for tea and a bit of whimsy! And don't miss that beautiful embroidered tablecloth!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE peonies. Oh, and hydrangeas. . .and roses. . .and, , well, all of your lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for hosting this beautiful party. ~ Nancy

  2. My goodness you've been busy. I can see why those flower photos are favorites. I love love love the peony.

  3. I so enjoyed your flower photos! Gorgeous Peony and Hydrangea! Oh heck, they are all gorgeous!!

  4. Your photos made me long for spring and summer!

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Such pretty flowers, Deb. Can't wait for Spring to get here!
    Thanks for hosting.

  7. Hi Deb, I have been enjoying garden photos of my own. In fact, it's the post I linked up. Your gardens are gorgeous! Can't wait till all of those pretties are back in both our gardens. Lovely tea posts. I will hop over and visit the first one. Not familiar with her blog.

  8. Those gorgeous flowers are like a life line! It's -20 here! And snow expected on Sunday! Yikes! Another great link party - lots of goodness ! Thank you for hosting!

  9. What gorgeous flowers and photos! So many of those don't grow here!

  10. Beautiful garden photos. I am longing for spring.

  11. Beautiful pics! However, it's quite sad you had to delete your old ones. You should have a large number of pictures there, and probably high resolution, too! If there was only some way to get bigger storage spaces on these cloud storages at less cost. Though you could probably store them on an external drive, especially the older files that you're not wont to open often, just for the sake of keeping them for future access.
    Ruby Badcoe @ WilliamsDataManagement.com


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