Cottage Style Party & Auction Time!

This past Sunday I went to an action.

This was an estate auction with guns & ammo, stain glass, coins and antiques(!).

Come along and see what I got...

This huge lot of Franciscan Apple pattern dishes went for $350. 
A bargain…but not for me!

How cute are those cast iron dogs?

Love these old door knobs which went for $35.
Not to me tho!

I love these old oil lamps.
I wanted one then remembered I have one I never use…oh well.

Buyers checking out the goods. I thought those stoneware bottle were neat but not for me!

Vintage clothes are so hard to find around here. But the 70's is just not my era.

This guy looks closely at the mantle clock and jewelry cabinet.
Later he bid and won!

I loved the old Christmas stuff but when the bidding went too high, I backed away.

I loved all this sparkle but with kitties it's too hard to have it sitting around waiting to break.

This woman checks out a christening dress. Later she bought it with a matching jacket and coat for $35.

The stained glass was lined up and waiting for a bidder.

I loved this lamp…so beautiful!
But not for me.

This window was so lovely lit up!

More stained glass which I understand sold for quite a bit more than I could afford.

I loved this cabinet which sold for $20 but not to me!

This is a refurbished lamp from Music Hall in Cincinnati. I believe there were 3 others which were also for sale but had not been refurbished like this one.
It even glows in a plastic bag!

This was a fun auction with auctioneers having fun too!

You waited long enough!

Here's my finds...

A new old desk chair!
I bought one a couple of years ago but the wonky leg fell off and I needed a new one.
Only $20.

I love the curls on top!

I got all this stuff too!
A single drawer file, a fishing creel, an old wood planer, an old toaster, a milk jug carrier, a box of hankies, a cut glass bowl, a tooled bag, a brass faucet, a brass tag and some kind of square metal things that look suspiciously like small traps.

I'm not sure what they were as they were a last minute throw in with the drawer.

I also got a picnic/gathering basket filled with mercury glass ornaments!
A bargain at $10 for all!

All in I spent only $80 and had a great time.
This auction should hold me over until flea market and yard sales begin again!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


How's everyone doing this week?

It seems like all the holidays are over and I'm waiting for signs of spring.

Which are happening this week!

It is warming up and the snow is melting. While I'm sure there is more snow in my future, at least there are some tiny signs that spring is coming.

I also have a couple of projects percolating in my brain that I'm just not quite ready for yet.
But soon, as gardening season is right around the corner and I will be busy planting/moving plants and tidying my garden.

Are there hints of spring at your cottage?

Here's an early sign of spring - a lone crocus bursts through the  old brown leaves.

For more signs of spring in Yael's Pacific Northwest garden, stop by her blog Home Garden Diggers.

Here's just a hint of spring cheer in Jann's cottage.
Love the dish and moss!

Drop on in to Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson's to see the lovely double daffodils that are blooming in this dish.

The soft and pretty color of this cabinet reminds me of spring!
It took a multi-step process to make this new hand built cabinet look like an aged beauty.

Visit Laurie's blog Heaven's Walk to see her process and pick up some hints for your next project!

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  1. What a fun time you had, Deb!! Auctions are such a riot - and can be so nerve-wrecking, can't they? lol Love your chair! The curled top makes it so unique! Thank you for including my blue cabinet in your features this week, too, sweetie! You are so sweet! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Thanks for hosting, Debi! Oh my... So many nice things from the auction... The door knobs caught my eye - bought a bunch from the US on eBay years ago. Love your chair - great price too!! Your Valentine's Day table was lovely. Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. Oh your finds are fabulous - love that chair. But my oh my - those apple dishes. I'd love to have a set - and that is a good price - though not for everyone's budget. Living in Washington the apple dishes are outrageously expensive - being the apple state - but one day I'll find me a bargain and then watch out. LOL That was a lovely auction - lots of fun things to consider.

  4. Truly a lot of fun Deb! I love all you got. I would have gotten lots of fun things I saw, lol! Love the chair! Thank you so much for hosting!

  5. Laurie's blue cabinet inspired me to paint the Blue Skies cabinet I linked tonight. You found some great treasures, but I think I would have had to have the primitive cabinet. Thank you for sharing the auction and for hosting.

    1. I wanted the prim cabinet but I just don't have space for it!

  6. I love all the stained glass item that were at the auction, but most of all, I'm jealous of that gorgeous chair you found!

  7. Wow!! Great finds at the auction!
    Thanks for hosting Cottage Style Party.

  8. I love your desk chair! I've been wanting one like that for some time. Eventually I hope I'll find one. Great finds!

  9. Hi Deb, I am late getting here, but what a fun surprise to see my Daffodil tureen featured! You should see them now. Still gorgeous with more blooms. I love your chair, the curled top is really unique! I would have wanted that cabinet, the door knobs, and the vintage deer. Can you believe I have never been to an auction? I really don't here of them around here. I'm sure there must be some, just don't know where. lol! Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for hosting.

  10. What a fun auction! You got some great finds--that desk chair is so unique and has such great lines--what a steal. Love the creel and just about everything else you found. I'm visiting via Ivy and Elephant's party, and am joining your party this week. So glad to have "met" you, Diana

    1. Welcome Diana! Stop by every week for the cottage style party!

  11. Hi Deb, Thanks for the visit at the auction, love that chair and all of your found goodies! Thanks for hosting! Hope you'll check out my Pallet Potting Shed and visit my blog. Have a great week!


  12. Wonderful auction…love your basket! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,


Thank you!