Cottage Style Party #50

Let's take a walk in the garden this week.

Since I live in a cottage home,

I try to have a cottage garden too.

There's lots of color, birdbaths, and something blooming all the time.

Have a peek...

Remember the curbside find white picket fence I added back in the spring?

Here it is with pink lilies poking through it.

Just like I imagined!

Here's another section with fennel fronds and a lonely native daylily.

Black hollyhocks are blooming next to the weathered wood fence.

The perennial leeks are finally flowering 6 weeks later than last year!

A bee visits a barely blooming lavender flower.

A native daylily looks almost 3-D against the background.

Lavender plays a big part in my garden.

The roses are new this year and so lovely!

This daylily is also new moving into a newly vacated spot.

These neon pink petunias mesh well with the pink barberry below them.

Another gorgeous lily blooms.

First time for a caladium in my garden...

I'll definitely bring it back next year!

A tiny fig grows on my fig tree.

Even the sage is pretty and edible!

A friend just gave me this beautiful birdbath.

A close up...I love it!

The fern bed is fluffy and full this year!

A lovely peach daylily blooms in the daylily bed.

Cute story:

I was sitting out in my garden this weekend when I noticed

a small bunny moving towards me.

It hopped a little then would stand up and listen.

Then it hopped a little more and listened.

I figured it could smell me but wasn't sure where I was.

It hopped right under the chair I was sitting in!

Then it hopped over a couple of feet, stood up and sniffed the air again,

before hopping over to nibble on my lettuce.

I was so delighted I didn't even care!

Any little adventures happening in your garden?

How is everyone this week?

Welcome to summer at the Cottage Style Party!

Let's see what you've been up to...

I love this display which artfully brings the outside in!

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I adore these romantic bees wax candles tucked into a birdbath!

And what is that I smell? Gardenias? Yum!

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How cute are these moss bunnies?

And how about that gorgeously huge clock above them?


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by Suzy Q's blog At The Farmhouse!

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  1. Your flowers are stunning! We saw a couple of rabbits 'playing' not far from us in our back yard the other day-so cute! Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Gorgeous garden photos - flowers are amazing! Thanks for hosting, Debi! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. Gorgeous garden images! Thank you for hosting this great party. Big Hugs,

  4. Oh everything is so wonderful - the birdbath is amazing - and the dark hollyhock - oh how I adore them!!!!

  5. What an adorable story! Gorgeous garden!

  6. I always enjoy your flower photos and look forward to your party every week. Thanks for hosting another lovely hop!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  7. Love the Hollyhocks! We have a desert cottontail who visits daily- we toss apple peels and carrots to him. When he first started visiting he was tiny but has grown quickly :)
    Thanks for hosting~

  8. Your garden is absolutely amazing, so many flowers, so many colours. And I would have melted as well at the sight of a little bunny hopping my way!

  9. I loved your garden tour! The bird bath is amazing! Thanks for hosting - have a great day! Vickie

  10. All of your different lilies are beautiful! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Your flowers are simply gorgeous - - the colours are just amazing. Thank you so much for hosting The Cottage Garden Party. This is my first time linking up. It is such fun!
    Take care,

  12. Charming pictures. A visit with your blog always has me smiling and feeling refreshed in spirit. Thanks you for hosting - I always find the nicest posts here!

  13. I love the orange daylily photo with great blurry blue background! Such refreshing photos. My caladium drowned this spring from rain, but yours are so very pretty. Thanks for the linky party!

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous!! Our caladiums are making a big show too.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com/

  15. Love those first pink lilies and the barberry!


Thank you!