Top 10 Posts of 2011...A Walk Down Memory Lane...

This list of the top 10 posts of 2011 is a real walk down Memory Lane for me. 

Looking at the list, I had vague recollections of some of the posts. 

2011 was a good year, good enough for a little review.

No. 10 


Most of the year I post a flower of the day and this one is very pretty! 
Maybe it will make it in my garden next year.

No. 9   

Isn't this a lovely spread? 
This photo was taken in my backyard during the summer. 
The antique spread is now enjoying Laura's home in the UAE.

No. 8   

World's Longest Yard Sale - The Finds

Awww, yes, the World's Longest Yard Sale. 
What a great time and so much awesome junk! Check my post to relive the glory.
This little enamel coffee pot was sold to a women who's granny had one just like it.
So sweet!

No. 7

Well, this one is a surprise! 
It took me awhile to realize that if I like to look at others garden photos that perhaps you might like to look at mine. Yep, I'm a slow learner.
This was my not-so-in-your-face Halloween display on the front porch.

No. 6

The giveaway was so much FUN! The giveaway was won by the super excited Lisa who said 

"How uber cool is that???  Wow, this has been an awesome day from beginning to end!  This really does top off a great day, which I really needed!"

It WAS Über cool and I might have to do this again in 2012!

No. 5

This was also a surprise! 
I thought my mix-n-match pink flowers might be a little too odd or, well, odd. Yep, odd. I love it but I wasn't sure how it would go over. My dream is to some day have a set of mix-n-match table china. 
A girl can dream, right?

No. 4

Flower of the day - Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose


Yep, a blue rose came in at number four. 
I know I've mentioned this a few times before, but I work for a large garden catalog company and this is one of the roses we sell. 
Do I have it? No. Sadly, it sells out every year and I can never get one. 
But you can if you order early!

No. 3

The World's Longest Yard Sale lives on! 
I love this dish drainer with the lace rim plates. I couldn't believe I found 2 matching milk glass plates, they are so hard to find. The dish drainer was a bonus and I thought I would keep it to display dishes at the antique shows I do. But it found its way in to my Etsy Shop and was quickly snapped up by Donna.
I can't wait until next years WLYS!

No. 2

This was also a surprise at number two! 
I reprinted a blog post form Small Town Living with the intent of revisiting it and adding to the list. But the list of companion plants was so extensive that I never found the need to add to it. 
I still refer to it. 
Bravo Small Town Living!

drum roll, please...

No. 1

A white garden post at number one? No surprise here! 
There is something so clean and crisp about a white garden. So lovely and simple. 
Yep, no surprise!

Thanks for looking back at 2011 with me, Debi, at Lavender Garden Cottage!

Here's looking forward to a fabulous 2012!

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