Thrift Shop Finds...Don't Get Too Excited...

Is that not the most underwhelming title? 

A hint of things (not) to come?

My lack of thrift store finds post should have been a tip off.


I love thrifting and was so excited to go!

I thought the she stars were lined up.

It was a weekday!

I was off of work!

I could be there when all the good stuff was first put out!

Sadly, it was not to be.

The first store was closed all week.

The second store was closed permanently.

The third store was open, but the shelves might as well have been empty 

as I found nothing.

That's right...


I still had a couple of days off so I persevered over the next few days.


I found something to show you.

Oh, yeah, not that. Daisy under the tree right before I took it down.

(what is it with cats under the Christmas tree? I guess its better than cats IN the tree...)

I found THIS...

A large Banana Republic silver bowl!

A little beat up but still wonderful!

Now, what should I do with it?

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  1. I went junking today also should have stayed home. The good news is its leap year in 2012 and we get an extra day to junk! So fill the bowl up with treats for the New Years Party!
    Happy New Year, your newest follower,

  2. Fill it with colorful socks for the new year. Yep.

  3. Pine Cones! I love the natural contrast to the silver. Do you have pine cones where you live?
    I have a yard full I could send you!

  4. I have a bowl very similar and I have old baseballs and antique bobbins in it.

  5. I went yesterday looking for treasures and everything was closed!! I was so bummed! Do they not realize everyone does NOT want to sit at home and watch football games? Sheesh! Love the bowl!! I would put pinecones in it too!

    Lou Cinda

  6. Well depending on what you're decorating for (I'm gearing up for Valentine's Day!) I'd say put anything seasonal in it . . .pine cones, hearts, wooden balls . . . so many possibilities!

  7. I got lucky. Went to 3 stores and found something at each one, on Monday when I thought they might be closed! I think your silver bowl would look great with a huge pillar candle surrounded by pine cones. Or maybe in the bathroom with rolled up washcloths.

  8. Maybe fill it with vintage crochet threads if you have any. I filled a beveled glass light fixture with some with it turned upside down.

    They can be delightful or I also like the socks and pine cones ideas. I also have many sizes of pine cones, moss and acorns. I love to scour the woods.

    I have thrifted so much I have a house full and I am still trying to fit things in after just moving.
    I don't think I ever saw empty shelves.
    Smiles, Cyndi


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