Going Thrifting...

I'm on vacation this week from work and have big plans...
that I may or may not get to. 

Sadly, no, it does not involve the beach.

I like to leave my plans a bit open-ended and flexible so I can go with the flow 
as opposed to my usual go with the work flow. 

I would like to think that I look that busy at work, but, em, no. 

Today's plan is to go thrifting, 
take down the Christmas tree and drag it to the curb for recycling, 
take some photos of future Etsy inventory, 
take a nap (!), 
watch some TV and 
play with the kitties. 

Exciting, no?

My original plan was to go to the flea market this morning 
but since it rained/snowed/sleeted last night and 
is very cold this morning, 
I don't think many vendors will be there. 

Grrr... foiled by the weather which will be 
perfect for the flea tomorrow 
which is only on Wednesdays. 


So, its off to the thrift stores instead.

Like I said...open-ended and flexible.

I promise to show you my finds!


  1. I think it sounds like a perfectly lovely day! Can't wait to see your finds.

  2. Love thrifting! Just did a post on my thrifting finds, hope you post yours soon. Cool Thrift Shop sign too!


Thank you!