Top 10 Most Popular Posts for 2012

It has been a fun year blogging in 2012!

Let's take a look back at my

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012...


Just last summer I decided to host a weekly party 

celebrating my style, cottage style.

No surprise that this post on cottage style vintage linens is at #10!


I think this party post was the first one I did for fall.

These mums sat in this basket on my porch until the flowers turned brown.

Then I sold the basket on Etsy...aw, yes, the life of a picker/reseller....

...everything is in flux and for sale.


I'm going to guess that eating outdoors in the summer is popular with everyone, right?

Yep, that's what I thought!


Cottage Style Linky Party #3

Ok, ok! 

I got the message...everyone loves vintage linens!

I will try to do more posts on vintage linens for 2013.

See...this walk down memory lane is a learning tool also!


This post is from 2011 and remained popular through 2012.

It's no wonder...just look at this gorgeous rose!


No surprise that this World's Longest Yard Sale post for 2011

is still in the top 10 this year too!

My finds were so, so good!


I'm still loving my sofa and so are you!

And, no, it's (still) not for sale.

I am thrilled that so many wonderful readers showed some love to 

my little sofa revamp project.

More projects for 2013!


Another post from 2011 with staying power.

It's no wonder with a beautiful flower like this!

And, no, I still have not added this to my garden.


No surprise that this post from 2011 for a white garden is 

still going strong in 2012!

White flower gardens are classic and lovely!


I suspect that the popularity of this post is due to 

the amount of spam it has been receiving lately.

It's a wonderfully informative read so don't 

let the spammers scare you off!

Top 5 lessons learned by this list...

1)   more gardening posts

2)   more vintage linens please

3)   more projects...gulp...

4)   more photos of flea market finds

5)   keep hosting the Cottage Style Linky Party

Thanks for a wonderfully year and I'm looking forward to 2013!


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  1. Happy New Year, Debi!
    I'm so glad you shared. I love your vintage apron. It is pure sweetness. There's just something about gingham and it's warm charm.
    Carolynn xxx

  2. loved seeing your Top 10 list. I have some catching up to do...I remember you sofa/settee...but I'm going there again for a revisit. :) I am always dreaming of settees...as I have a vintage set in a spare bedroom waiting to be recovered/re-upholstered!

    I must check out your party, I don't know how I've missed it. But I TOO...love vintage linens.

    Happy New year...hope to get to know you better this year! Pat


Thank you!