World's Longest Yard Sale ~ The Odd Stuff ~ Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of World's Longest Yard Sale,

the odd stuff!

Yep, no WLYS would be complete without some odd stuff, right?

I showed these gems in part 1:

Deer legs and feet.

The vendor suggested attaching them to the wall below a mounted deer head.

Yep, some of the vendors are as odd as their items.

Cows in a pen right next to Rt 127.

Not odd except for the chain link fence and irises.

Do you think this farmers wife knows the cows are in the yard?

Rt 127 runs right through farm country where tractors are a common sight.

This one had about 50 yard saler's behind it before turning off.

I wasn't looking for a stuffed raccoon but on second thought,

he probably doesn't eat much and wouldn't tear up my furniture like the cats.

Not sure what was so Strange about this boat shop other then I never saw any water around it.

Gotta love a hand painted sign!

Not odd, so much as lovely, this asymmetrical woodwork on this old home.

Amish made whoopee pies, a first for me, and I love the odd little story about them.

An odd little detour: the graveyard where Annie Oakley is buried.

My oddest find: these hula girls! 

What's so odd about them?

They are solar powered!

So cute, I bought two!

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  1. I love the hula girls -too funny! I need to get to this sale one of these years! Hey, maybe if you bought that racoon he would scare your cats away from the furniture! Hugs, Leena


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