Finally...Rain in the Garden

Like many parts of the country, it has been a long, hot, dry summer.

My garden was just barely hanging on even though I watered and watered.

Hose water can not compete with a good soaking rain.

Thanks to the remnants of hurricane Isaac, we had two days of rain!

Two whole days of downpours...followed by more downpours!

It puddled in the backyard!

It puddled in the side yard!

It over-flowed my rain water collection bins!

(This is a simple way to catch/save/use your gutter water for the drier times!)

It poured off the awnings and in the road!

It dripped from my fennel blooms!

It over-whelmed this morning glory bloom!

It knocked off flowers onto the plants below!

And it made the lichen on my bench stand out!

The sound was lovely and the air is fresh again!

The garden is (well) watered!

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  1. Everything here is stunted from lack of rain but today there is a steady drizzle and the plants are breathing a sigh of relief! ~ Maureen

  2. wow look at all that rain... makes me want to cuddle up with my warm tea and my camera nearby :-)Of course a good book would be nice too. Thanks for sharing, I love rainy days when I have nothing to do.

  3. Am so glad you got plenty of rain without the flooding and damage...just what a garden and garden lover need!

  4. rain, rain, glorious rain for your gardens. Loved the slow-exposure raindrops in your first image

  5. Lucky you! Every storm that has come to Wisconsin in the last several weeks has either disintegrated or split when it got anywhere near us. I am still watering 24 hours a day and thanking the good Lord for this dependable old well that serves us in our time of need! Larry

  6. I saw your title and came over to REJOICE with you :)

  7. Haha! I think I spoke too soon! We are expecting our third, yes third(!) rain storm, this week! I think we might make up our deficit in one week!

    Unfortunately, the mosquito population has exploded!

  8. i think we just broke a record here in Seattle for the most days without rain "EVER" in our history! it's been pretty crazy to go so many days without it...but no complaints here at Fisthail Cottage ~ i'm not looking forward to the grey days again with clouds, wind and rain! I'll just enjoy yours from a distance! lol as i know it's not too far away for us! thanks for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! hope you had a great weekend! xoxo, tracie


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