Blooming This Week - Tulips!

Tulips are blooming this week just about on schedule. 

Have a look...

Red tulips with Lamb's Ear in the background.

A new purple tulip just bloomed.

Another new tulip just opened.

This row is stilll blooming from last week.

Pretty in pink.

The first iris.

Fiddle-de-dee...ferns opening!

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  1. You have some beautiful
    Tulips growing.. how I
    wish I could grow them.
    It's much too hot here
    in SoFla
    Following you from Tuesdays
    Garden Party

  2. Lovely tulips, mine should be budding soon.

  3. I love tulips ever since we used them as a centerpiece for a fundraising dinner for a nonprofit that I worked for many moons ago. I promised my ds6 that we would plant them this fall since our current ones have gone.

    I also picked up some French Lavender at Home Depot yesterday. Can't wait to get that in the ground!

  4. Our tulips are a bit late here, so it was nice to see your photos all in bloom! Thanks for sharing at the TGP. :-)


Thank you!