What’s Blooming This Week…Not Much!

Its still a little early to see spring blooms at the Lavender Garden Cottage. The weather is being very uncooperative with tornados one day and snow the next.

I bet these crocus bloom everyday after I go to work and close up shop before I come home. I only suspect this, but have not caught them in the act.

The daffodils are sending up flower heads and should be blooming soon. Yeah!

Impatiently awaiting spring…

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  1. Look at how tough those bulbs are--they amaze me! I'm sorry it's so cold where you are, but hopefully it will warm up very soon!

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  3. Soon, soon you will be rewarded with longer days(Day Light Saving Time begins Sunday) and blooms to enjoy!

  4. Well, hopefully that darn snow will melt soon and you will be blessed with some sunshine. Crocus remind me of my Morning Glories. If I am up and out the door to work I never get to see them bloom until the weekend!

  5. I was just telling my daughter that crocus would come up even through the snow! Such an amazing sight. :-)

    Thanks for sharing at the TGP!


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