Blooming This Week...Bulbs Bulbs Bulbs

With the warm early spring we are having, it seems as though all the spring bulbs are blooming at the same time!

Instead of the usual spring flowers blooming over a period of weeks or months, they all came up and bloomed at once.

It makes me wonder…what if everything blooms early this year, what will be left come fall?

Daffodils & hyacinths in front of the house

Tulips out back

Daffs & grape hyacinths on my kitty's grave way out back.

The lone tulip by the shed.

A patch of violets by the shed.

Forsythia, which should be flowering now.

And lilacs which should not.

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  1. And my azaleas are ready to open any minute! Such a strange winter!

  2. Your daffs are just gorgeous, and I really have a thing for bi-color tulips--so beautiful! And I agree with the weird weather. Snow last Tuesday here, and then 60+ degrees over the weekend!

  3. Lovely flowers. I missed mine this year, we were on vacation. I am posting for the next few weeks on my trip to Europe hope you can stop by! Blessings, Debbie


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