Update on Pinkerton the Kitty

So last month I brought a new kitty into my home. He was a stray who was living in the neighbor’s old barn next door. I thought he was a she and then …whoops…it’s a boy!

Obviously, I am not a vet in my spare time. Ha!

Pinkerton has settled into his indoor life here at the cottage. When I open a door to go outside, he runs in the opposite direction. I’m pretty sure he is thinking “I have a bottomless food bowl and all the kitty toys I can play with. I’m not leaving this place!”

He likes to sit in the window and look out on his former cat-dom:

Note the Meyer lemons below!

Sunday mornings are play with all the kitties’ morning. Here he is playing with those darn feathers again in the Kebbler tree:

Life is good here…I’m not leavin’!

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  1. We took in a stray cat too. We got her fixed and declawed (we have dogs) and she settled in to a new life. This year though she decided she wanted to go back outside. So whenever the door opens out she goes. She hangs out around the garden in the bushes and comes in quite soon after she goes out. It is after all winter. I wonder what she will do come summer. She didn't even try to go out for the longest time. She was content to sit in the windows.


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