Homeless Kitty....Pinkie er, Pinkerton

Back before Thanksgiving, I started feeding a homeless kitty living in the neighbors barn. Since his barn was locked, I would shove food under the hole in the bottom of the door. 

Before I started feeding this kitty, she lived off the birds she caught in my backyard. 

I was not amused.

My plan was to find a no-kill shelter to take her too when I could catch her. In December, with my old cat senile and ailing, I started feeding this kitty on my back porch. It was a nice distraction as this kitty was always there to greet me and was happy just to be fed.

My old kitty, Midge, died right before Christmas. I was sad and started feeding the stray kitty twice a day. We were on a petting basis by then. She would sit outside my back door trying to come in. 

It was cold. 

I felt bad for her.

I wondered if she was cold and safe and lonely in that barn all night.

Can you see where this is going...?

Yep, I captured her last week and took her to the vet for shots and a check up. I told them her name was Pinkie because if her pink nose and the name fit in with my other retro named kitties. 

Not only did my new kitty get a clean bill of health, but she was a he, so Pinkie became Pinkerton.

Meet Pinkerton!

I took him the vet in this box. When we got home, he sat in this box for 3 hours. 

He was King of the Box!

Eventually, he got out of the box and explored a few rooms including the bathroom. 

King of the Bathroom Sink!

A year old and his first time playing with kitty toys!

He makes friends with Olive kitty! (Daisy is still having a hissy fit over him)

He likes to play with feathers! (not his first time with feathers...maybe I shouldn't encourage him?)

Surveying his former outdoor kingdom. 

Yep, its good to be an indoor kitty.


  1. Thanks for sharing your picture book of stories about your new kitty! I totally enjoyed it.

  2. Oh, I love your story! Amazing you turned an outdoor stray into an indoor sweetie so quickly! He's just beautiful! Lucky boy!!!

    Once I adopted a 10-yr. old outdoor Tom who came to visit & hung around after being fed. Eventually caught him and took him to the vet, for what he called "palliative" care due to his age and condition. He was so sweet for a Tom. He would come inside for short periods and purr & knead on my lap, then bolt to the door when he was ready to go back out. I would watch him swagger down the street to look for his next conquest. We enjoyed him for about 2 yrs. before he went to kitty heaven. Thanks for letting me share my memory here! Pam

  3. Kuodos to you. We also care for 2 cats that have been living in the barn at the museum next door for about 10 years now. The Tom is probably about 13 years now and his female companion is around 10. They winter in our garage, where it's warmer now. The little female is the only feral cat i have not been able to tame completely. It's just her feisty personality and there's no catching her. I am lucky to get flea stuff on her. Enjoy your Pinkerton!


Thank you!