What’s Blooming This Week – Early October

Here it is early October, the leaves are changing
and the mums are blooming. Despite the early frost
last weekend, some annuals are still in bloom.

Let’s take a peek…  

Blooming mums on the front steps

A first year mum puts on a small display of color

Lavender in second bloom

A brave post-frost water hyacinth starts to bloom

A lone coneflower

Toad lilies still blooming and full of buds

Basil waiting to become pesto

Pumpkins and mums on the front porch

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  1. Wow - loving your enterence! thanks for sharing over at today's Outdoor Fall Decor party! xoox, tracie

  2. Very pretty. Your porch is so inviting and lovely. I hope you will consider linking it to Fresh-Cut Friday. This post would be perfect! :)


  3. Love seeing all your wonderful flowers. I love mums, I need to try to plant them in the Fall! Thanks for the lovely display and for linking up with VIF, xo

  4. Hi, I've just become a new follower of your blog. I loved seeing your fall flowers! Cindy

  5. Your steps look very welcoming! Happy Fall:@)

  6. Love your fall display on the steps! Isn't if fun to find flowers still blooming! I just found another delphinium blooming! Looks like your water hyacinths missed the frost! Happy Fall-Liz


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