What's Blooming This Week - Beginning of August

It's still hot, still no rain and the garden is looking tired and shabby. 

Let's see if I can find something to cheer about...

Lantana's are an annual here in Ohio and I always plant one in a pot to enjoy until frost.

This white Veronica, new to the garden this year, 
is just starting to bloom.

The herb garden is actually a "let's throw all the seeds I've hoarded for years out back and see what comes up" herb garden. I marked the area with this sign to jog my memory while cutting the grass. 

A trio of sunflowers from the "herb garden".

Against a foggy morning sky.

One more...I love their happy faces!

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  1. Everything looks lovely. Didn't realize you were also in Ohio.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Love Lantanas! They take the heat well here. The white veronica is so pretty!


Thank you!