Cottage Style Party & Ranunculus


Such a funny name for such a beautiful flower!

I love ranunculus.

To me they look like a cross between a rose and a peony.

What's not to love?

They start out as these tight little buds brimming with hope.

They open so you can see all the petals waiting to unfurl. 

When they open fully they are as pretty as any peony I've ever seen!

They come in such a wide variety of colors like a rose.

Sadly they are a bit difficult to grow where I live so I cheated and bought this basket full already blooming!

They look so cheerful on my porch when I come home!

Anyone else cheating with ranunculus or other flowers this spring?

Shhh…your secret is safe with me

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


You can tell I've been doing yard work when you see the dirt under my fingernails.

I chuckle every time I see the business cards commercial for the pro-gardener who says she never bothers with a manicure but she has nice business cards.
Yep, I can relate.

While I've been outside cleaning up my garden what you you been up to this week?

Well, let's find out…

This lovely flower wreath is so spring-y covered with tulips and forsythia!
So bright and cheerful!

Hop on over to Diane's blog An Extraordinary Day for details and a tutorial to make your own.
And don't forget to link up to her blog party Project Inspire{d} while you are there!

I just love the down home feel of these old wash basins on this fence.
Not only are they handy but they look pretty darn good too!

Stop in for a visit to JoAnn's blog Scene Through My Eyes to see her collection of old watering cans, buckets and garden tools too!

Can you believe this crusty, rusty, CHARMING old scale?
How fabulous is this?
And it was a family treasure too!

Drop by Cecelia's blog The B Farm to see more of her family treasures and how she integrates them into her kitchen!

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  1. Thank yu so much for the great party dear Deb. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Deb...thank you so much for featuring my tulip wreath and for the fabulous shout-out for the link party! You just made my day!!! [hugs]

  3. I cannot pronounce it or spell it, but I love that flower. We do not have them here. Thanks for hosting. got to go hang my basins on the fence!

  4. Gorgeous flowers!! I wonder if we have them here down under *wishful thinking* :D
    Thanks for hosting, Deb! Have a great rest of the week :)
    Autumn hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  5. I do love those flowers! I hope to find some this spring again.

  6. One of my favorite flowers - I think a big pot of them would look perfect on my deck too. It was almost warm enough to sit on the deck today - almost. Thanks for featuring my fence with my wash basins.

    Fabulous photos of the flowers.

  7. I love ranonculus, but somehow they are very hard to grow I think, or they just don't like the amount of rain we're getting in Brittany. I love the features of this week!

    1. My weather doesn't work for these either. My winters are too cold but yet they bloom while I'm still having frost. I've yet to figure out when I could start them so they flower before the weather gets too hot for blooms. So confusing…no wonder I cheated!

  8. Ranunculus are some of my favorites, but I've not grown them. I must!
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration and for hosting each week.

  9. Ok I am going to get some Ranunculus I have wanted to get some for years, but haven't yet bothered. I am hoping our garden center has some flowers this weekend!

  10. They are one of my favourites too. They are stunning and so are your photos!

    Best wishes and many thanks for hosting!
    Natasha in Oz

  11. I love Ranonculus! I have never tried to grow them but I this summer I am going to jump in without my floaties and give it a try!

  12. What a fun party! I'm going to link up.
    And yes! I totally cheat! :)

    Thanks for sharing at Fresh-Cut Friday! :)

  13. Ranunculus is a funny name for a lovely flower! Yours are so pretty!!!

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill


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