Small Town Memorial Day Parade

The small town I live in has a parade for just about every holiday.

There's even a few parades for some made-up holidays too.

But the one pictured here is for Memorial Day.

The parade route with a police car leading the way.

Veterans, of course.

The Mayor in khaki suit.

Not sure who the caped crusaders are, nor the Mafia Don in front of them.

Got to have the vintage cars!

Another vintage rod!

This vintage car is holding a Lil Miss Something/One.

Here's a closup...Miss Poppy...isn't she adorable?

This convertible holds Miss Buddy Poppy.

And this vehicle has Miss Honey Boo-Boo in it...

Oops sorry!

It's just another Miss Poppy runner up!

The vets were there with an army truck.

Old guys on trikes.

I think that one guy deserves the title of Mr Patriotic!

Not sure, but I'm guessing ROTC?

Gotta love a high school band!

Tubas, drums and cymbals..all right!

Not sure who the marching kittens are, but aren't they cute!?!

Presenting...the kittens!

The Historical Society and flags.

Another old car!

Another old car with WWII vets.

This is the vehicle my Dad would be in if he 

weren't boating all weekend...heh.

It brought tears to my eyes to watch this

years Memorial Day Parade, Mayberry style!


  1. What a delightful town- it looks like a movie set! great photos- Miss Poppy is just too cute- and what a nice way to honor local veterans!

  2. Wonderful! And wonderful pictures too. We went to a vintage style fourth of july parade last year....(pics on my blog from July of 2012)

    Thanks for posting yours!

    PS. When do you have your cottage style link up party? Tuesdays?


Thank you!