Blooming This Week......Sadly Not Much

As fall progresses, not much is blooming in the garden.

Even some of my annuals have given up.

But not these impatients!

Most of them are still going strong.

This Cypress Vine is a new addition to the garden. 

It had a tough start and is finally blooming.

I'm hoping it reseeds freely so next year it will cover the ugly rusted fence.

These morning glories reach for the sky as they climb my tired hanging basket.

These baskets still look good despite the weeds growing through the fencing around them.

Who else is tired of pulling weeds?

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1 comment:

  1. I am!! Tired of trying to keep up with all the watering too. Fortunately, we finally got some rain. Love Cypress Vine. I need to get some more seeds and restart them...lost them all last year in the drought. Your flowers still look pretty!


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