Back to School Vintage Finds

The kids in my neighborhood started back to school today.

I'm sure there were plenty of mixed reactions from parents and kids!


Why not decorate your child's study area with 

vintage finds?

Stash their cell phone or homework in this vintage desk basket.

These books would look great on their shelves and you can let them know
 that they will never have to open them!

Display this vintage typewriter on their desk and tell them its the latest computer!

Keep those pencils handy with this repurposed flower frog!

Hide all those cords and covers in this vintage basket with attached lid.

These suggestions may not make your child study more.

Yep, perhaps decorating your home office is a better idea!

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  1. Kids would look at that typewriter and probably say: What is that for? But I love the vintage lovelies on display here!

  2. I adore that little pencil cup. Very cute. I decorate my own office with vintage finds. It makes it a little more homey.


Thank you!