Blooming This Week ~ The Secret Garden

I like to think that my garden is divided into sections. 

Some of these sections are more obvious than others, like the veggie garden or the potted flowers. 

Some are what I refer to as the secret garden.

This is the secret garden for the birds...

or the kitties when they need a drink.

This is the secret watering hole for the birds.

I love this view of my garden. 

Its the view I see every time I walk around the side of my house and under the low tree branches.

This is the secret garden of bright pink impatiens hiding under my garden bench. 

They fill in a hole I see when I sit at my table and chairs.

This is my secret tropical garden. 

Hot pink flowers and elephant ears lends a tropical feel to this section of my garden.

This is the secret garden of the garden bench.

A favorite spot of mine to sit and enjoy my secret garden.

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  1. wow amazing . nice blog and good snaps . i like all the pics . thanks for sharing

  2. Your secret garden is so lovely. I just love impatiens in a shady spot. I am enjoying your blog :-)

  3. Le sigh. Such a beautiful garden you have!

    Carolina Country Living

  4. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful daylilies, impatiens and daisies.

  5. Lovely. Such a pretty respite.

  6. Enjoyed this cyber garden very much.
    Joyce M

  7. The concept of "the secret garden" always evokes lovely thoughts of the book and the movie by the same name... it's an image that strikes me as being very special and inviting! Larry

  8. What a beautiful, peaceful place you've created! Love the thought of a secret garden. Reminds me of my favorite childhood book. :)

    xoxo laurie


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