Blooming This Week ~ Pink Porch Flowers

This year I decided to use only pink flowers on my front porch

I also thought I would use pink annuals in the flower bed across the front of the house.

It's now well into summer and I must admit I've had mixed results.

The porch...

Its pink but not PINK!


The impatiens baskets have the largest flowers I've ever seen and still not much impact.

I plant these bacopa every year, usually in white, and they always look so straggly. 

The pink is so pale they might as well be white. 

Next year I will try something different in these clay pots.

The bed of pink impatiens I planted across the front of the house is struggling in the heat and drought. 


Maybe something new next year...?

This is my favorite every year no matter what I plant in it.

Guard kitty is always on guard.


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  1. I agree with Jennifer. You have a lovely porch and all that white sure highlights those beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love how the cat is looking out the screen door.
    Joyce M

  3. You have such a beautiful porch setting and pretty flowers...and I must say a cute kitty peeking in the doorway. Thanks for sharing. :-) I'm a follower now.


  4. Wow ~ Very creative porch setting and awesome flowers ~ Great photography and love the guard kitty ~

    ~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger linked w/Outdoor Wednesday

  5. What a lovely, inviting porch you have! It looks like a great place to relax! I lost every one of my impatience this year, a disease got them. I was so sad.


Thank you!