Love…love…love lilacs!

They are blooming early this year and I took my camera (and a couple of vases) outside to capture their glory.

Too bad, there’s no smell-a-vision on here…

My neighbor has the largest lilac bush I have ever seen.

This year it is loaded with lilacs!

I like to think that’s because I pick them every year and have revitalized the bush.

Alternatively, maybe it is cyclical…whatever…they are gorgeous and plentiful!

In the kitchen.

On the mantel in the bedroom.


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  1. Your Lilac bush is just gorgeous! We had one in the yard when I was growing up, so I have sweet memories. Sniff..sniff..I think I can smell them! :-)

  2. The lilacs are lovely!! What a wonderful treat to have that in your yard!

  3. The pungent aroma of lilacs knocks my socks off every spring. No perfume can match it. I have them in my yard, too, but mine are not so full as yours!

  4. Oh my, you are posting about one of my favorite flowers. I thin I can truly smell them just by looking at your wonderful pictures. I love them on your bedroom mantel. Thanks so much for sharing this with my party!

  5. I just started following your blog!! We used to have several lilac trees at our old farmhouse we owned years ago. I miss them so much. We hope to be moving to a lake cottage soon and I will be planting several new trees, since the lake property has only a few. After seeing your gorgeous photos, I believe I'll be planting a lilac tree. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I grew up with lilac bushes in my back yard and have since lived in warmer climates where they don't thrive. Thanks so much for letting me smell them here.


  7. Love Lilacs! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


Thank you!