My First Etsy Treasury…Winter in the Country

I just posted my first Etsy treasury.

It was so much fun!

I not sure what I was waiting for?

I guess I thought it would look awful or be incredibly time consuming.

But, guess what…it was easy and fun and didn’t take very long.

Judging from the comments I have already gotten, others like it too!

One person thought it should be on the front page!

Well, woohoo!

Check it out…

I was thinking that someone much more talented than me
should create a widget to display treasuries and then

...it happened!

Thank you Craft Cult!


  1. I found a really nice almost brand new pair of child's size 4 skates on ebay just before Christmas, I got a steal for $22.49 and that included shipping ... I wanted them just for decoration to go with a old flexy flyer sled I have had for years. Have fun with your eTsy shop.

  2. Nice! I wish I had the space to display a sled with skates!


Thank you!