What's Blooming in the Garden - End of October

It’s the end of October and there’s still
a little activity in the garden.
Little being the operative word here…

The reblooming irises next to the front porch
have finally bloomed!

The toad lily must have 50 blooms on it but
they are so tiny that the effect is kind of lost.

A couple of Morning Glories tough out
the early morning frosts.

A perfect rose along the neighbors back fence.

Some tomato hopefuls that will get picked
this weekend before the hard freeze.

A tiny lone purple pepper waits to be
picked before the freeze.

Note: I work for a gardening catalog company and some times I get free flowers. (I know, right!) These irises were given to me 2 years ago and I planted them next to the porch so I could enjoy them in the spring and fall. We still sell these and others here:


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  1. What? where can i get my hands on some of those fall blooming iris's......? my garden needs those! your's are so pretty & love seeing the color! Remind me what zone you are in? Thanks for sharing over here at Fishtail Cottage link party - the idea of something just starting to bloom - got me a excited! ooxx, tracie

  2. Iris in October? Wow! They are beautiful.


Thank you!