Blooming in the Garden - Mid-October

Not much to report in mid-October in the garden. The toad lilies are still blooming, the basil is now pesto, the trees are losing their leaves. I’m (still) waiting for the fall blooming irises to open. So lets look at other outdoor and indoor related garden stuffs!

Remember my post about teeny, tiny lemons on my Meyer lemon tree from last spring? Well…take a look now! I have 3 large, luscious survivors left!

What will I do with them?


On a very windy weekend I took a drive to some of my favorite places to see the fall leaves. Did I mention it was very windy?

Not many leaves left here...

Same on this lonely country road...

A little something here...

Guess I missed the grape harvest...

Still a "green" view at the old covered bridge...

These people clearly celebrate
in their front yard regardless of the season!

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  1. I always make preserves whenever I get a small crop like your lemon crop - in order to make them last. There's a marmalade or lemon preserves recipe on Simplyrecipes.com. Good luck!

  2. Yum! I would love to grow lemons.


Thank you!