What's Blooming in the Garden - After a Week of Gray and Drizzle...

After a week of gray and drizzle, (a week in which I was on vacation and intended to do numerous outdoor photo shoots which did not happen (*@%#!) not that I am bitter...), let's both wander out to the garden and have a peek at what's blooming...

Toad Lilies...a September surprise!

A Balloon Flower ready to pop!

The palest pink Balloon Flowers already popped.

The heirloom Heavenly Blue Morning Glory (notice the water droplets...sigh...)

Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory, another heirloom.

The sweet smelling Autumn Flowering Clematis behind the neighbors barn.

A field of Morning Glories behind the neighbors barn...oops, how did those get there...wink, wink!

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  1. What pretty blooms you have going on right now. My Clematis burned up this year so I am envious of that. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. The toad lilies are just gorgeous--I'm going to have to try those! Also love the morning glories--I have some blooming in my garden now as well.

  3. Oh the Toad Liles are charming. It is amazing (even with the rain) just how many things are doing well this time of year.

  4. Beautiful! Love the Balloon flowers--we have wild morning glories too, and they are such a sweet surprise to see when the dog goes out first thing in the morning.

  5. Septemeber month surprises me with some flowers. My balloon flower bloom, the rebloom Lilac make a come back and the smell is so sweet and some flowers that I didn't know the name ^_^ Great shots and thanks for sharing happy weekend!

    Pink or Peach


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