What's Blooming at the Cottage This Week - Lavender!

The lavender in the front garden is blooming this week at the cottage. The bees are hard at work buzzing all over it! See for your self...

They are very quick and thorough and just will not pose for a photo! There's 3 in the photo above and 2 in the upper right of this photo:

More lavender photos because who doesn't like to see lavender in bloom?

Happy gardening!


  1. One of my favorites also. I have numerous in bloom. Just transplanted a bunch of others and hit the 90's the following days and it's mostly burnt up. Atleast I had some starts going. Yours is lovely. I am your new follower and I hope you'll come by and follow also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Oh my, that is beautiful. I LOVE lavender anything! Your is gorgeous and you are so lucky to have that much. Thanks for the beauty...

  3. So fun to see your lavendar...I bet it smells fantastic! Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! oxox, tracie

  4. I love lavender too and I so happy that mine is now in bloom and attracting the bees once again.

  5. My lavender hasn't bloomed yet....sad....any tips on growing it? I have the silvery/fuzzy spanish variety. This is the first year I've planted it, I has grown very big, just no blooms yet....

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    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


Thank you!