Whats Blooming at the Cottage June 8th

It feels like summer here at the cottage with the 90+ degree heat. Blooms are popping up everywhere!

Take a peek...

The first daylily

Large allium

Skeletons from old allium blooms still look interesting in the garden

Honeysuckle on the fence - can you smell it?

A huge petunia basket

Figs! Maybe this year I will get to eat some...

Happy gardening!


  1. Your garden is gorgeous. I love everything, but that allium takes my breath away.

    Visiting from Cottage Flora Thursdays today.


  2. Your flowers are beautiful. I am so jealous of your figs. I planted a tree and it has 6 small figs. I think I will go and try and find an allium they are so beautiful, not sure if they grow in our area. I am a new follwer.
    Blessings, Sheila

  3. Yes - bacon wrapped figs are divine - I hope you get lots! Your blog is lovely and I really enjoyed!

  4. thanks for sharing at Fishtail Cottage garden party! question.....do you know if the allium spreads by seed or something in the root? xoox, tracie


Thank you!