World's Longest Yard Sale Photos

This weekend I went to the World's Longest Yard Sale and had a fabulous time! I chatted with so many nice people and bought loads of great stuff! I covered Route 127 from Fairfield, Ohio to Eaton, Ohio which was a new route for me. Previously I covered northern Kentucky but this year I decided to try something new and it was totally awesome! Here's some photos:

First stop, a farm where I bought some lovely vintage Christmas ornaments.

My nest stop where I met my kindred soul in cozy cottage chic decor!

She had more great things pictured below but by the time I left I think I might have cleaned her out!

Under those tents were some of the prettiest glass ware I have ever seen on the side of the road!

A lovely old farm house set back from the road.

Another lovely old farm house...I was a bit distracted by all the gorgeous old homes!

A gorgeous old home in the town of Eaton, Ohio - love the vivid colors! On to more junkin'...

This park in Hampton, Ohio was a yard sale buyers dream!

More of this park were I bought the prettiest chenille spread and some crochet trim pillow cases!

A wonderful antique store in Seven Mile, Ohio where I met the lovely mayor, who owns this store, where...

...i picked up several nice vintage tablecloths!

One of many, many yard sales in Seven Mile!

Had I not been so distracted by all the great sales I might have remembered to take my camera, duh!

Can't wait for next year!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. LuAnn

  2. Lovely photos! I live in NC and have heard about this sale. I think I'll go next year!

  3. Thanks for sharing, great pics.


Thank you!