Good Bye Winter...Hello Space Bags!

Living in a 120 year old house has its challenges. One of them is no closet space. We have 2 and a partial over the washer and dryer. Those two are small with very little hanging space in one and no shelves in the other. But both have a secret hidey hole above the closet for storing things like seasonal clothes. But this space is small and has doors, so everyting has to fit behind the doors. It is challenging, to say the least!

Then you walked into my life, Space Bags! Now my winter clothes are safely tucked away until next fall. No spiders, no dust, no struggling to get my Rubber Maid tubs up the ladder and into the cubby! I am in love with Space Bags!

Good bye winter wool sweaters! So long bulky snow boots! Bye-bye down jacket! Sayanora cashmere scarf and gloves! See you all next fall!

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