Charming French Milk Glass Pineapple

I love old things! I love knowing that someone enjoyed using something before me. I love that this now "old" item is tried and true. That it has been tested by someone else before me and deemed perfect for use; whether everyday like a sifter or rolling pin or maybe for once a week Sunday dinners like the good china or a clean apron. That maybe it was their favorite like a wood mixing spoon worn on one side from constant wear against their favorite mixing bowl. That it has acquired character from their constant use, like chips and cracks and fading.

I even like old things whose prior use is questionable, dubious, unknown to me at least. Like this milk glass pineapple shaped jar:

Charming, huh? But what is it? What purpose does it have? It has a lid, a pineapple shape body that even has "greens" on top and some cute little feet just like a real pineapple, no? Ha! But what exactly was it used for? 

Some research reveals that is from the French company Vallerysthal and that is was made in the 1880's. It's white milk glass and quite heavy 
for its size which is just under 8" tall. The texture is lovely and mimics a pineapple. But what is it purpose?

Maybe it had no purpose but to be decorative. And welcoming, like those symbolic pineapple door knockers. But I think I'm going to call it a candy jar and fill it with chocolates....

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