Cottage Style Party & An Antique Show

I did an antique show last weekend and it was so much fun!

This clown sums it up nicely.

I signed up late and my usual row was filled, so I was given a space in a row I'd never visited let alone set up in.

Turns out it was the first row closest to the entrance and the buyers go down first.

This means they are not yet junk-weary and still have money to spend.

This was my best show ever!

And I had friendly and nice guys on either side of me who helped me put up the canopy at 5.30am.
And they were funny!

I didn't even have to ask they rushed over to help when they heard me grunting away trying to put up the canopy.


Thanks Knoxville guy!

Thanks bug guy (and bat girl his partner in crime)!

Bug guy's name was Mike and he was a true picker just like Mike Wolfe on Pickers.
He looked a bit like him too. 
He even had a 100 year old motorcycle engine part thingie he was selling "fresh from a barn".
The similarities were uncanny!

I could barely take any photos as my booth was crowded with people all day!

This painted chandelier will be decorating the bedroom of two cute little girls.
They loved it and were so excited!

These books (in the suitcase) were popular tho none sold.
I might bring more next month since they caught a lot of attention.
Maybe I'll put stacks here and there to draw people into my booth.

My tables are usually groaning with merchandise but so much sold off this table before I could take a photo it looks a little sparse.
A nice problem to have!

Everyone loved the little chalkboard but it was the small tray, hobnail glasses and double server that sold.
Oh, and the tablecloth…I finally sold a couple!

The domes and pedestal stands were very popular but it was the butter bell that sold…on Etsy…and was swiftly moved to my truck for safe keeping.

Silverplate is always popular at shows and is easier to pack than glass.
And nonbreakable!

This sign is always a hit with customers who want to know "what time will the wine be served?"

I tell them…after my truck is unloaded, tonight, in my backyard, please bring the cheese…

{look…no plants were mentioned…shocking!}

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


I'm sitting outside between thunderstorms so let's get right to this before my power goes out again…

Aren't storms fun?

Speaking of fun….

Bernideen's having tea in her garden amongst the lilacs!
This is such a pretty tea party!

I love how the lilac colors match the tablecloth colors and the tea cups. So pretty and relaxing!
Stop by Bernideen's tea party at her blog 

This is the cutest pinboard! 
The frame was hand painted with multiple colors to give it a rich shabby patina.

And I love the girlie floral print fabric that was added!
Head on over to Su's blog Butterfly and Bungalow to see the details of this adorable pinboard she made for her daughter!

I am a sucker for anything chippy or cottage and this railing makes me want to swoon with joy!

Cathy has been hoarding this railing for 2 years until she could squeeze it into her kitchen reno. 
I just love it!
Sail on over to her blog My 1929 Charmer to see the details of this railing and how her contractor "fit" it into her home.

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  1. Oh what a pretty stall - those hobnail milk glass goblets stole my heart - those are something I'd love to have. Glad you had a great weekend.

    1. I love those hobnail glasses too and so will the person who bought them. Sometimes it's tough to let things go...

  2. You did so well. The straw purse is so nostalgic.

    Thank you, Deb, for featuring my pin-board and the party. xoxo

    1. I love the straw purse too! It was very popular but, alas, did not sell. Off to my Etsy shop it goes!

  3. Thank you for taking us to the antique show - love the suitcase of books. I do miss seeing at least one photo of your plants.

  4. ♪♫♪♪Happy Blog Party Day ♪♫♫♪
    Thanks for hosting! I am hoping to go to a few yard sales and antique auctions this next weekend. I hope to find some good stuff! Have a great week!

    1. It's yard sale season here and I haven't made it to even one sale yet. Doh!

  5. This is a fun post. It's fun to hear what sold & what was popular! I like the hobnail stems. The blue fixtures were super cute.

    1. Those little girls are probably enjoying their glammed up light fixture right now I hope!

  6. Sorry I'm late to the party, but better late than never, right? Thanks so much for featuring my chippy railing, it took so long to get her in her home. All linked up and have a wonderful day!

    1. I love that chippy railing and am jealous of your chippy railing! So sweet!

  7. Hi Deb,
    Thank you so much for hosting!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Maria Elena! Always nice to have you at the party!


Thank you!