Small Town Memorial Day Parade

Nothing beats a small town parade and this one is no exception!

Everyone loves the high school band, the fire trucks, the vets, the decorated cars, the scouts, baton twirlers and the only float, its all here!

It could be any where but this is my small town, Harrison, Ohio and here's our Memorial Day parade from this morning.

This is a Memorial Day parade and it starts off with some veterans and flags.

What parade would be complete without motorcycles?

And vintage cars?
(with Little Miss Someone(?) riding high in the back seat)

Even the babies and toddlers are patriotic!

This girl was giving out candy…yum!
Love the red, white and blue hat!

The high school marching band…yeah!

The Historical Society gets involved too!

This is my neighbor who always decorates his car and rides in every parade.

He even waves at me despite my grubby-I-was-gardening-attire and the dirt on me.

He should win the most decorated vehicle award if there were such a thing!

I think these are scout groups coming up.

More scouts!

Some dudes with fuzzy caps because they will let anyone with a flag in this parade.

The only float in this parade!

It deserves a close-up.

Of course, a military jeep.

The towns firetrucks and EMT's bring up the end of the parade.

I'd like to thank my Dad for his service in WWII and the Korean War so I can enjoy my holiday freely!

He's the one in the cap being recognized on Veteran's Day last year at the VFW.
(with a weird finger sort of but not really pointing at him)


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