Cottage Style Party & Downton Abbey

I am obsessed with Downton Abbey 
and am thrilled that it is back on TV.


I picture myself as Lady Mary…
with all her sadness,
and dowdy mourning clothes,
and all her sadness….

After the season premiere, I could see a glimmer of hope for Lady Mary's future.

While I also adore Lady Edith and love her modern girl life
(ditched at the alter! seeing a married man!),
it's Lady Mary I am most obsessed with.

Let's compare Lady Mary's life to mine.

Lady Mary eats at a huge formal candle lit table with more utensils than I would know what to do with:

I also eat at a candle lit dinner table but with less utensils, some times no utensils:

Lady Mary is waited on in her lovely bedroom:

My bedroom has kitties in it who do nothing:

Lady Mary likes to hang out with family in the drawing room:

My living room has cat beds in it:

Lady Mary has grounds maintained by grounds keepers:

I also have grounds maintained by grounds keepers:

Lady Mary has staff:

I also have staff:

I am almost living Lady Mary's life.

Are you?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


Welcome to this new year!

I spent my vacation week between Christmas and New Years sick with the flu.
Not exactly how I planned to spend it,
but I did take lots of naps and watch too much HGTV between the naps.

All is not lost as there is no such thing as too much HGTV!

So what have you been up to this past week?

Let's check!

What a lovely way to greet guests on this sleeping porch! 
This is a wonderful transition from the holidays to the drearier winter days of January.

I love that the evergreens are not tucked away just yet!
To see more of this charming sleeping porch, drop into to Butterfly and Bungalow blog!

I just love all the different shades of creamy whites in this photo! This is such a tiny part of an entire room filled with thrifty, chippy, creamy whites, tarnished silvers and burnished golds!

Stop in to Revi's blog to see all of her thrifty finds at Revisionary Life and check back on Thursdays for her new blog party THRIFTY LIFE THURSDAY!

I just can't give up all the holiday sparkle yet!
Don't you just love all the mercury glass and silvery sparkle here?

This is just a tiny bit of holiday cheer at Suzy's beach house. Please stop by and enjoy her lovely home at her blog  At The Farmhouse!

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  1. And Lady Mary you shall be! Hahaha. Sorry to hear you had the flu - that's nasty stuff. But just remember, you can never watch too much HGTV! Thanks for hosting!

  2. I too am looking forward to seeing season 4 of Downton Abbey. We'll have to find a way to stream it! Wonderful party - I do appreciate you hosting,

  3. Deb, I love your take on how you're living the life of Downton Abbey! :) Those kitty cats of yours are living the life, I think!!

    This week I joined the Project Inspire{d} hosting team. Our link party goes live every Monday night at 8 EST. I’d be delighted if you would consider popping over and linking up some of your very inspiring posts: http://bit.ly/1bNlzpV

    Wishing you… An Extraordinary Day!

    1. Hi Diane! I think I linked…wait…I think so…but I'm still suffering from left-over flu brain and can't remember…duh! I'll definitely check in this week…parties are so much fun!

  4. Oh Deb, you really put a smile on my face, it sure was fun.....I guess I don't live a DA kinda life caz I don't have your staff of kittys, lol! Great fun at this party, thank you so much for hosting all of last year and thank you so much in advance for 2014 as well!

  5. Yes, you and Lady Mary are two peas in a pod. lol! Love the features. glad to be joinig in.

  6. I have the exact same efficient staff as you!

  7. Haha that made me smile! The cats look a lot more relaxed than the people and more friendly!

  8. Thanks so much for the feature and the mention of my party! (Let's pray I did the technical stuff correctly...I'll be staying up till midnight to see...)

    1. Congrats on your party Revi! So much fun!

    2. I have much to learn from seasoned party people like you, Deb!

  9. I love this post Deb! And I'm so glad you came by to share it a Project Inspire{d}!

    Hope your week is Extraordinary!

  10. I think we have the same type of staff. I like Mary, too. She's just so dramatic.
    Had a good laugh at this post. I'll drop by again. Deb

  11. I'm also posting a "high tea" honouring Downton Abbey...LOL!!!

  12. I love your comparison. It's so whimsical and fun! Those are content and pretty kitties! We have three kitties on staff here. One has made herself in charge of babysitting the toy poodle in the backyard, the black kitty is a menace to pigeons, and the gray kitty is just happy hanging out.

    Thank you, for featuring my sleeping porch. XOXO

  13. What a cute post! Thanx for joining THT Deb!

  14. Your place is much better than Downton Abbey! I would love to visit the castle for a few days, but would miss my kitty too much to stay.

  15. This was just the cutest post! I'm a new follower!

    1. Thanks Linda! Check back next week for more cottage fun!

  16. My cats live the Lady Mary Life - I'm just a minion! I have not started watching the series yet - I feel like I'm saving it. How silly is that? So glad to be linking up this week and catching up with all you've been up to over the holidays.

  17. I found your link through the Shabbilicious Party and I'm glad I visited as you made me laugh! Sorry about your flu. I love your features and I linked up and am following too, cause you made me laugh :D

  18. Oh Deb, you made me laugh :) I love Downton Abbey too. The next season starts here in Australia this Sunday. I know you've already had it and I've tried so hard to avoid reading about it online, so I can be filled with unexpected joy with each new episode.


Thank you!