Cottage Style Party & a Winner!

Did that 3 day weekend just fly by or what?

I can't believe it is Tuesday already and time for another

Cottage Style Party!

On Saturday, in the middle of an endless thunderstorm,

while packing for my antiques show,

I worked on a craft project.

That's right, the first day of my stay-cation I 

was an overachiever.

It has not happened since.


This plain black stool has been nagging at me for a year now.

It sits in my kitchen and no one sits on it.

It does not look flimsy either!

So I decided it needed direction...

or at least my guests needed direction...

After looking at numerous stores I finally found these paper stencils.

I decided on a simple word: SIT.

This was my only option, so be it, I was determined.

I found my painters tape and started taping on the stencils.

Did I mention it was storming outside?

The lights were flickering and the street lights came on.

At 4 in the afternoon.

Needless to say it was also dark in the house.

So these photos are a little dark.

But I was determined!

All taped up and ready for paint.

I waited for the lightening to die down a little,

well, it was no longer overhead anyways.

I sprayed then ran right back inside because


the thunder and lightening started up again!

When it was dry, I peeled off the stencils, tape and plastic to reveal this...

Do you think they will get the message?

A few garden updates....

One of the last photos of these impatients covering the steps to nowhere.

My landlord pruned back the tree that was covering them and 
they are not happy with all the sun they get now.

And neither am I...sigh...

Lush and green for now...

This basket is on the fence behind the steps to nowhere.

Still looking good as it still gets mostly shade.

My roses just keep putting out flowers!

This one bloomed yesterday...so pretty!

The red glads I planted to be hummingbird attractors are just now starting to bloom.

Why so late?

I just saw a hummer in my garden (not on the glads)
 but I suspect they will be leaving soon.

This volunteer phlox just keeps on flowering!

Not bad for a freebie!

I have green tomatoes.

But will they ripen?

And will I pick them if they do ripen as they are being guarded by this:


(I stood 10 feet away from it to get this photo and 
will not go out there again until it snows...)

Now on to the giveaway!


Thank you ALL for entering the 

World's Longest Yard Sale Giveaway!

Let's pick a winner...

Lucky *winner* # is

True Random Number Generator  


Donna Wilkes

I will let Donna know she is the winner of the giveaway!


Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


Can you believe it is September already!

It was hot and sunny and still pool weather here all weekend.
And now today it feels like fall, 70 degrees and sunny, no humidity.

Tonight it will be down in the 50's, 
good sleeping weather!

My fall flowers: mums, toad lilies and iris
have not started blooming yet.

Tomorrow I will be at the flea and 
pick up some fall mums and maybe a pumpkin or two.

What have you been up to this last week of summer?

It looks like Penny has fall on the brain and her fireplace!
Can you believe how spectacular this is?

Can you guess her theme?
Drop in to her blog Penny's Vintage Home to find out her theme and 
see all the details of this beautiful fall mantle!

I am not the only one who is thinking about her late summer garden.
Debbie is thinking about her end of the season garden too!

Her garden still looks like the middle of summer than the end!
Stop by to see all her pretty late summer flowers at her blog

Can you believe this hack?
Shannon hacked her old table in half to create this:

and this is the other half:

(and how cute are those chenille pumpkins?)

If you need inspiration and a gentle push (like me!) go visit her
amazing make overs!

If you were featured, don't
forget your button!


Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your stool looks so cute, and your flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for hosting.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Hello Deb, your impatiens are looking marvelous - lovely features this week - I do appreciate you hosting,

  4. Oh, such gorgeous flowers! Very nice features too. Thank you so much for the cool party. Have a great September.

  5. Deb, I am so happy to be the winner of the delightful basket of goodies you collected. Loved the garden photos. That is a fall orb spider - good for catching insects in the garden. Thank you for hosting.

  6. Thanks for hosting, Debi! Lovely garden pix ... not a big fan of the spider though lol Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  7. Deb!! Thanks so much for the feature!! What a surprise!! I will give you a Shout out in my next post!!

    Thanks again for hosting each week!!


  8. I have spiders living in the veranda, way up high and I usually can't kill them: so I give them names so they won't seem so crazy! The one living there right now is called Henrietta (the first letter if their name follow the alphabet, luch like tornadoes). Maybe you could try and give a name to your big spider?

  9. Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday!
    Congtrats to Donna!

    Enjoy your week!


Thank you!