Cottage Style Party #53

Antique show time again!

Notice anything different this time?

I bought a canopy!

Who cares if it rains (it did) or is sunny and hot (it was)?

I had welcome protection from the elements!

Bring it Mother Nature!

I'm ready for you!

(except no wind please...)

This is my kitchen table, I bought it at a thrift store in NYC 20 years ago,

I mean 3 years ago..wink wink!

That is a life time for a junker!

I still love it but don't use it.

Also it was too big for my kitchen.

I feel like I am making excuses to get rid of it.

I love this table and chairs!

It was an early formica table dated (on the bottom) 1949.

I believe it was an early attempt at a formica topped table before

they hit on the brilliant combo of formica table top with chrome legs.

But it must go so I can find something new and smaller.


A table full of assorted stuff curated to make people linger.

Some of this is in my Etsy shop, some has not made it to my Etsy shop...yet!

Sometimes you have to create a new use for an old item.

This old bird cage sold quickly once I put the prop candles in it!


Who doesn't have prop candles!?!

The white bench has been kicking around since last year.

Finally it sold!

The rustic green plant stand was a last minute addition from my front porch.

It is still on my front porch...

Can't sell everything every time (thankfully!).

More assorted things to encourage lingering and finding a treasure!

Note these photos were taken early, before the rain.

The "wine and cheese party" sign drew a lot of comments.

I told them it would be later in the evening, in my back yard...

....if you can find me!

How has your summer been so far?

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!

The hot summer has finally caught up here!

I spend every evening and weekend trying to beat the heat

at the pool, swimming off my ice cream treats!


So what do you do to beat the heat?

Let's see what everyone has been up to at your cottages...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love lavender?

Yep, I didn't think so...ha!

You just can't imagine how much I am loving this lavender in the basket!

For more lovely lavender pictures, stop by to see Jan's harvested(!) lavender

from her own garden in her blog Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson.

I just adore this cottage garden!

But where are the weeds?

Oops, that's MY garden not Melanie's lovely garden!

Drop on in to Melanie's blog Comfy House to take a tour of her

wonderful (weed-free!) gardens and to see her kitties peeking out the window!

This is such a pretty room!

I love how soft and crisp the white looks against the blue walls!

And those adorable garden chair covers came with the chairs!

Total score!

Stop by Butterfly & Bungalow to see more details of this gorgeous room!

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  1. Wow, thank you.

    I love the sale you had. So many nice things!!!

  2. I could not find the linky. Also, I really enjoyed your sale items - very fun! My address above is incorrect. it should be http://blog.bernideens.com/

  3. LOVE your set up!!!!! I really want to do a space like this! Wish i had a big farm and could run a weekend show myself! For some reason your link party isnt loading or showing?????

  4. WHT A fun sale.... the canopy is awesome..... I too, couldnt find a linky..

  5. LOVE your table! Have a great weekend :)
    Thx for hosting~

  6. What a lovely inviting stall!! Thank you for hosting the party xx

  7. I am glad things went well for the sale. Love the tent - I know it makes a difference. The features are wonderful - I do appreciate you hosting,

  8. Thanks for the party, Debi! I finally linked up :D Thanks for fixing the linky issue!! Have a great rest of the week... :) Subtropical winter greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla


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